Kobe 9 Elite Review

These shoes are great. They move with the foot and have great cushioning ability. They are very supportive of the foot to stop chaffing while playing and are also very eye catching, mostly due to the new flyknit technology which is one of the distinguishing features of the shoe, as well as the super high cut of the collar. It’s lightweight, durable and is a fantastic edition to Nike.

The sole is very thin overall but this only leads to a more aggressive state of play as you can feel the court more under your feet. This combined with the pressure mapped footprint on the outsole leads to no slippage on court. The extra grip on the inside also helps with the grip during play, but can make taking the shoe off, or putting it on, harder as you have to basically unlace the whole top of the shoe to get your foot in or out.

The amount of technology and thought that has gone into the shoe has led to the best basketball shoe since Jordan went out in the first Air Jordan 1. The lunarlon sole is one of the aspects which lead to great cushioning and the flyknit and flywire technology help with the support and movement of the foot. Even the heel clip made of carbon fibre helps to support the shoe as you change direction and make quick cuts.

Overall the Kobe 9 Elite is as close to a perfect basketball shoe as Nike have gotten and I wish Kobe luck in his recovery from a gruelling injury and luck for when he returns to the court in his magnificent shoe.

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