Daz Dilly – Weed Money Review

This album should be a lot more publicised than it currently has been. The tempo and rhythm of this album are quality and Daz does not disappoint when it comes to his fast paced lyricism. A lot of hypnotic beats and catchy lyrics help to create an album that you can stick on repeat and keep going for hours, if not more.

Daz’s style of fast paced rap is accentuated by fast paced beats and when it’s a more slowed down track, Daz switches to a slower, but no less incredible, pace while still being able to keep the listeners interest.

All the beats keep the listeners interest without their mind drifting too far from the song. Mostly upbeat tracks, they are relatively short which is good to stop the repetitive nature of up-tempo songs becoming stale. The cohesion of the album is helped by short skits at the end of some tracks.

The album only runs a bit over 50 minutes long which is a bit short for an album these days, but it’s cohesive so that the project overall is very listenable and has a lot of replay value, instead of a longer project of a lot of disjointed tracks. The shorter project is a greater achievement overall.

This project may not be the ground-breaking work that will put Daz back on top of the hip-hop world, like when Death Row Records was going strong, but it is a strong addition to the Daz Dillinger catalogue, even if he has shortened that moniker. Tell as many people about this album as you can because it is worth at least a few spins.

Nas – Illmatic XX Review

Nas is undoubtably one of the greatest to ever do it in hip hop and Illmatic is testament to that. 20 years after its release date, it is still seen as one of the greatest hip hop albums that has ever hit he charts. Nas has definitely got the lyrical ability that most of the world’s rappers strive for, and very few have ever achieved, and this shines through on Illmatic.

His lyrical ability is only outshone on this album by the very fact that it has lasted 20 years and can still paint a vivid picture today as it did back then, regardless of how many times you have heard it. He runs laps around almost all other rappers and is an Icon to all who wish to rap.

The production sounds like it is 20 years old, which is fair enough as it is 20 years old, and it is interesting to hear the array of remixes on the second disc and how the production could have been. Unfortunately, the remixes are only of a few tracks so it is not a whole “what could have been” disc.

The first disc is simply a remastered version of the original Illmatic album and the second disc is a couple of freestyles and remixes of original tracks. While this is not groundbreaking, it is a testament to the amount that can be done with Nas’ lyrics onto different beats and remixes. On a lot of tracks, you get so caught up in the lyricism that the beat almost seems unimportant, even though it is a boost to every track.

“It ain’t hard to tell” gets a total of 3 remixes, which is unsurprising as it is one of the best tracks off the album and each one is as good as the last, but with different feels for every one.

Overall, while it is a project that has been out for 20 years, it can still teach rappers about lyricism and everyone can learn about the conditions that Nas describes with such imagery that you can feel like your there. One of the greatest albums in hip hop history honoured as it rightly should be.

Air Jordan 2 Retro Review

These classic shoes are not only comfortable and stylish, but they also make you look taller. The size of the outsoles on these shoes is large so that when you put them on, you look at least an inch taller than you actually are.

However large the outsole, they definitely help with the comfort of these shoes. They have good cushioning because of the Nike air technology and the leather upper is very pleasant to walk around in. However.

However, there is a bit of a downside. The toe box is exceptionally rigid so that when you walk along, the upper of the shoe can press against your foot and cause a large crease across the top. This isn’t really a problem unless you want to keep them in top condition.

The ankle padding around the top is a bit thicker than on other shoes but is plush and comfy to wear around. It may take some getting used to, but is exceptionally good ankle support.

Overall, these shoes are definitely worth getting if you’re a fan of Jordan Brand, a collector, or just need new shoes to wear around.

Mobb Deep – The Infamous Mobb Deep Review

This is a hardcore Mobb Deep album. Everything about it just screams about it linking with the Mobb Deep debut. The double disc LP has everything you would expect from Havoc and Prodigy with some wonderful little twists.

The production is perfectly fitting for their rap styles and is enticing for the listener when combined with it. The production itself sounds gritty and adds to the ambiance of each track without smothering the lyricism.

Both Prodigy and Havoc do well on the album lyrically and stand out from each other and their guests. The features are also very coherrant and only improves each track. The subject matter doesn’t stray far from the Mobb Deep formula of street life, drugs and women, however the production level and fresh angles keep the listener interested through a lot of tracks.

The album does run for a long time, as it is a double disc release, and can become stale. On the other hand, the fact the first disc is made up of new material and the second disc is tracks from 1994 (when they were making their debut album) helps break the monotony and keep the listener interested.

Overall, this is a good album that is showing Mobb Deep at a strong point after their falling out.

The Infamous Mobb Deep is available on iTunes now.

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Air Jordan 10 Retro Review

These shoes are clearly designed with comfort in mind. The combination of leather and nubuck upper helps create a snug feel and a stylish look, while the Nike air technology creates a cushioned and easy on the feet product.

They do run a little bit narrow but not enough to make them uncomfortable to wear, even over a period of time. It can feel strange to walk around once you’ve taken them off after wearing them as they are not quite the right width, but again it isn’t enough of a feeling to cause a problem.

Of course the list of Michael Jordan’s achievements on the sole of the shoe create a fantastic outsole of the shoe and the accents of colour that creep up onto the side of the shoe create a nice pop of colour. This is also helped by the lining of the shoe that also is coloured as it creeps over the top of the shoe to add the same colour pop to it.

Overall, this is a very comfortable shoe that has stood the test of time and I’m sure will be a milestone for all Jordan brand collectors.