Air Jordan 10 Retro Review

These shoes are clearly designed with comfort in mind. The combination of leather and nubuck upper helps create a snug feel and a stylish look, while the Nike air technology creates a cushioned and easy on the feet product.

They do run a little bit narrow but not enough to make them uncomfortable to wear, even over a period of time. It can feel strange to walk around once you’ve taken them off after wearing them as they are not quite the right width, but again it isn’t enough of a feeling to cause a problem.

Of course the list of Michael Jordan’s achievements on the sole of the shoe create a fantastic outsole of the shoe and the accents of colour that creep up onto the side of the shoe create a nice pop of colour. This is also helped by the lining of the shoe that also is coloured as it creeps over the top of the shoe to add the same colour pop to it.

Overall, this is a very comfortable shoe that has stood the test of time and I’m sure will be a milestone for all Jordan brand collectors.

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