Mobb Deep – The Infamous Mobb Deep Review

This is a hardcore Mobb Deep album. Everything about it just screams about it linking with the Mobb Deep debut. The double disc LP has everything you would expect from Havoc and Prodigy with some wonderful little twists.

The production is perfectly fitting for their rap styles and is enticing for the listener when combined with it. The production itself sounds gritty and adds to the ambiance of each track without smothering the lyricism.

Both Prodigy and Havoc do well on the album lyrically and stand out from each other and their guests. The features are also very coherrant and only improves each track. The subject matter doesn’t stray far from the Mobb Deep formula of street life, drugs and women, however the production level and fresh angles keep the listener interested through a lot of tracks.

The album does run for a long time, as it is a double disc release, and can become stale. On the other hand, the fact the first disc is made up of new material and the second disc is tracks from 1994 (when they were making their debut album) helps break the monotony and keep the listener interested.

Overall, this is a good album that is showing Mobb Deep at a strong point after their falling out.

The Infamous Mobb Deep is available on iTunes now.

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