Daz Dilly – Weed Money Review

This album should be a lot more publicised than it currently has been. The tempo and rhythm of this album are quality and Daz does not disappoint when it comes to his fast paced lyricism. A lot of hypnotic beats and catchy lyrics help to create an album that you can stick on repeat and keep going for hours, if not more.

Daz’s style of fast paced rap is accentuated by fast paced beats and when it’s a more slowed down track, Daz switches to a slower, but no less incredible, pace while still being able to keep the listeners interest.

All the beats keep the listeners interest without their mind drifting too far from the song. Mostly upbeat tracks, they are relatively short which is good to stop the repetitive nature of up-tempo songs becoming stale. The cohesion of the album is helped by short skits at the end of some tracks.

The album only runs a bit over 50 minutes long which is a bit short for an album these days, but it’s cohesive so that the project overall is very listenable and has a lot of replay value, instead of a longer project of a lot of disjointed tracks. The shorter project is a greater achievement overall.

This project may not be the ground-breaking work that will put Daz back on top of the hip-hop world, like when Death Row Records was going strong, but it is a strong addition to the Daz Dillinger catalogue, even if he has shortened that moniker. Tell as many people about this album as you can because it is worth at least a few spins.

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