Murs and ¡Mayday! – Mursday Review

This is a refreshing blast of fresh sound to hit the ears. You can hear in the music that it was recorded using real instruments instead of machines and it is a nice change from what is coming out in the culture at the moment. Although this could mean that it does not sound like it will have the longevity that some music has, but it is very in the moment and an enjoyable listen.

The lyricism is clever and fitting with the production. The combination of artists different styles and tones make it a very interesting listen as they frequently jump between artists on each track. There is some interesting wordplay and other lyrical features that also help to make this stand out even more as an album.

As I said before, the production is amazing. On some tracks, it would be good to hear some more of the production stand out against the vocals but it is still a great feature of the album.

Overall this is a great album that should be heard by a lot of people even if it is only once, just to experience a hip hop album that is made with live instruments rather than constructed on a computer.

Canibus – Fait Accompli Review

While Canibus is clearly a talented rapper and lyricist, his 15th album is unfortunately overshadowed by its less than average production and strange choice of subjects.

Canibus spends almost the entire album trying to teach life lessons, but obscure life lessons. For example, he tries to teach how the Chinese are going to take over the world in “pay me in gold” as they don’t want currency, just gold. While it is one of the better songs off the album, it is still not a track that could be listened to for too long as the beat is overly repetitive and the chorus is far from catchy.

The large majority of the production, if not all, becomes repetitive and doesn’t have any “pop” to it. It is all low tones with little variation and it just makesthe whole album tricky to listen to as a whole. If you can pick some favourite tracks to listen to then I suggest you take them and not play the whole album as a whole.

Canibus is still as great a rapper as always and his lyricism shines in some moments. However his subject matter makes it difficult to take him seriously when he is making generalising statements and outrageous accusations about what is happening to America.

Overall, this album has some gems but there is a lot to wade through to get them. You can either look at Canibus in several ways, The maker of 15 albums, a hardcore lyricist or as the guy who botched his return to battle rap by taking out a notepad. He should be remembered as one of the greatest because every rapper at one time or another has enjoyed Canibus’ work.

50 Cent – Animal Ambition Review

This album is a collection of tracks about how rich 50 Cent is and how he can still make street tracks. However, surely if you are as rich as he claims to be then you don’t need to be doing that street stuff right? On this basis this album is not believable or cohesive as 50 should want it to be.

The production on the album is good and fits individually with each track, but after 11 tracks of fairly repetitive tracks of the same message over and over, it can become stale. If there was more of a variation in the atmosphere and feel of each track, then the production would stand out more than it does currently.

50 still has his unique rap style, but his lyrics come across as bland and meaningless when you listen to all the tracks together as they are all more than a bit similar. If you take one track out of the whole set, then seems to be a much better track than when it is played with the rest of the album.

Overall, it is clear why 50 released almost every track as a single, because they play better by themselves. When they are put together they come across as a collection of tracks about being rich and being street while being rich, and it does not come across well.

Kobe 9 EM Review

These are a perfectly good basketball shoe, but don’t live up to the Elite version. Then again, that is the point. These have a lot of the features that make the Elite a great shoe but at a slightly reduced price, a lower cut and, unfortunately a more ordinary feel.

The problem with getting the Elite version before the EM is that you get to experience how close to perfection Kobe can make his shoes before you get a version that does not have the superior features that make the Elite so great. The Flyknit for example, which is a main feature of the Kobe 9 Elite, is replaced with an engineered mesh that does not give the same feeling of grandeur that the Flyknit does.

However, That does not mean that the shoe is no good at all. It is still a fantastic shoe, both for comfort and performance. The Flywire and carbon fibre heel clip make for a flexible yet durable shoe to help in any fast paced, action filled match.

The Lunarlon cushioning works as well in the standard as it does in the Elite, which is always a bonus and the outsole is still as unique also, which is good as a standout point.

The biggest problem is that it is only slightly cheaper than the Elite model so where possible, spring for the extra expense for the better shoe. Another problem is that with the announcement of the Elite Low model, where the high top is cut down for the people who complained about it, it is difficult to see where this shoe will fit into the overall selling of the Kobe 9 range. This is mainly because this model is usually aimed at the cheaper spender, but with only the small drop in price, there is a good chance that it wont really sell as well as its brother models.

Overall it is a good shoe still, but does not stand with its head held as high as some of the others on the market at the moment.