50 Cent – Animal Ambition Review

This album is a collection of tracks about how rich 50 Cent is and how he can still make street tracks. However, surely if you are as rich as he claims to be then you don’t need to be doing that street stuff right? On this basis this album is not believable or cohesive as 50 should want it to be.

The production on the album is good and fits individually with each track, but after 11 tracks of fairly repetitive tracks of the same message over and over, it can become stale. If there was more of a variation in the atmosphere and feel of each track, then the production would stand out more than it does currently.

50 still has his unique rap style, but his lyrics come across as bland and meaningless when you listen to all the tracks together as they are all more than a bit similar. If you take one track out of the whole set, then seems to be a much better track than when it is played with the rest of the album.

Overall, it is clear why 50 released almost every track as a single, because they play better by themselves. When they are put together they come across as a collection of tracks about being rich and being street while being rich, and it does not come across well.

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