Canibus – Fait Accompli Review

While Canibus is clearly a talented rapper and lyricist, his 15th album is unfortunately overshadowed by its less than average production and strange choice of subjects.

Canibus spends almost the entire album trying to teach life lessons, but obscure life lessons. For example, he tries to teach how the Chinese are going to take over the world in “pay me in gold” as they don’t want currency, just gold. While it is one of the better songs off the album, it is still not a track that could be listened to for too long as the beat is overly repetitive and the chorus is far from catchy.

The large majority of the production, if not all, becomes repetitive and doesn’t have any “pop” to it. It is all low tones with little variation and it just makesthe whole album tricky to listen to as a whole. If you can pick some favourite tracks to listen to then I suggest you take them and not play the whole album as a whole.

Canibus is still as great a rapper as always and his lyricism shines in some moments. However his subject matter makes it difficult to take him seriously when he is making generalising statements and outrageous accusations about what is happening to America.

Overall, this album has some gems but there is a lot to wade through to get them. You can either look at Canibus in several ways, The maker of 15 albums, a hardcore lyricist or as the guy who botched his return to battle rap by taking out a notepad. He should be remembered as one of the greatest because every rapper at one time or another has enjoyed Canibus’ work.

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