Common – Nobody’s Smiling Review

This may not be a banging party album, but it has a clear and strong message. The title says it all. This is an album about the state of Chicago and Common’s take on the state of affairs there.

Common brings his signature tones and lyrical ability to every track and he shines on each one. Tracks with features on have good features but Common outshines every single one of them.

The production is mostly dark and edgy, but this fits beautifully with the message of each track. The production ranges between smooth and jarring which leads to a great experience when you listen to the whole album all the way through, It gives you a complete feel on how Common perceives Chicago now and when he was growing up.

Overall, this is a great album and deserves to have great sales and reach high in the charts. Common is a skilled rapper and flourishes on this album.

Snoop Dogg – Thats My Work Vol 4 Review

This is a nice throwback in Hip Hop. Everything about this mixtape is G-Funk personified. It also showcases a great reunion for Tray Deee and Goldie Loc with Snoop to reform Tha Eastsidaz and recreate some of that old magic.

Snoop shows off his signature flow and voice to instantly take you back to the days of G-Funks first arrival on the Hip Hop scene. Goldie Loc also comes heavy with the vocal tones and imagery, while Tray Deee brings his own style and skills to the table.

The production is straight G-Funk and will have you bobbing your head in no time. Every tracks beat fits with the message of the lyrics, even if sometimes it isn’t totally encapturing for the listener. However with a whole playthrough of the project, it all feels quite cohesive bar the humorous commercial which could be skipped if you just want the music.

The features are sparse but with three people jumping on a majority of tracks, that’s not a bad thing. When someone else does get on a track, they do well and blend well with the rest of the artists they are on the track with.

Overall, This is a good retro project for listeners who miss the days of West Coast projects sounding like they have come straight off the beaches with some shell casings and a grimy attitude.

Serius Jones – Living Legend Review

While this is not a standout project in the music industry, with only a few standout tracks, it isn’t a bad project. It is a solid showcase of What Serius does and how he does it.

His lyricism is not as prominent as it is in his battles but he still brings his game to the tracks. His distinctive tone of voice and arrogant attitude shine through to create a good on track persona.

The production is a bit inconsistent but is individual on each track. It sounds a bit raw and unrefined but fits with what Serius is doing on the track so the project blends quite well.

Overall this is definitely worth a go or two, but it leaves much to be desired. There is room for improvement but it isn’t a bad project. It is a good basis to build a name but Serius supposedly already has a name through battling and therefor this project does not reflect his true talents.

Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier 8 Review

This is a very good shoe. The traction pattern on the bottom gives a great platform for quick movement and the small triangle that pertrudes from the outsole extends the base without being intrusive on the ground and allows for even greater traction on the ground.

The strap on the ankle of the shoe holds the laces down and acts as a pulley for the zipper that runs down the side. The zipper itself does a good job of making the shoe easy to get on and off.

The Flywire technology does a good job of locking down the shoe for support and makes the shoe feel like it is part of your actual foot.

However, the shoe is a tight fit across the top and this can be uncomfortable. This could be to decrease the loss of energy with each step, and it does get slightly more comfortable over time, but it does not leave a great deal of comfort to be had in the beginning.

Overall, this is a very good shoe, solid performance and great traction but it could be slightly uncomfortable to the wearer, if only to begin with.

Ab-Soul – These Days … Review

This is a solid album. It may not be a stand out album of the year but it is more than solid project. Ab-Soul has done extremely well on this project to have not only a track for each group of Hip Hop fans, but a project that all of them can listen to all the way through.

Ab-Souls flow is a huge assest on these tracks as it makes him stand out amoung any features and makes each track easy listening. His lyricism is evident especially on the last track with his battle against Daylyt amd it makes for an enjoyable listen.

The production on the album does come across as very tailored to Ab-Souls style ad makes for a very cohesive project. However it is very easy to be carried away with it and lose track of what Ab-Soul is actually saying.

The only other flaw with the album is the change of production mid-way through the tracks which can lead to a jumbled listening experience if you only want to listen to the second half of a track.

Overall, this is a very good album for Hip Hop enthusiests to enjoy and a great album to boost TDEs standing as an independent powerhouse.