Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro Review

While the Air Jordan 3 is going on a hiatus, the recommendation is definitely to get this shoe if you can. The materials are of good quality and are put together well. The visible airbag is a nice touch and the immense history behind this silhouette add a lot of weight for collectors.

The iconic elephant print is a focus point and helps give this silhouette an eye catching and memorable trait that has been linked to the shoe since its release. The materials are fantastic in the sense that they are comfortable but are also efficient. The rubber tab on the back for example can be used to help put the shoe on and take it off.

With this being Tinker Hatfield’s first Jordan silhouette that stopped Michael Jordan from leaving Nike as a brand, it is coveted by collectors all over the world. This combined with the comfort of the shoe leads to a widely successful model that will continue to flourish.

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