NehruvianDOOM – NehruvianDOOM Review

This is a project reminiscent of the late 80s or early 90s of Hip Hop. The ominous backing beats provided by MF DOOM lend a good canvas for Bishop Nehru to project onto. The whole project is quite cohesive but it does feel like there are a lot of in track skits that can sometimes detract from the actual song part.

The lyricism is good and clear on each track. Bishop Nehru excels over the production with his tone and flow. It can sound unengaging, but once you get into it, the tracks are cohesive and on message. He does need to work on his standing out from the beat a bit more but he will grow as an artist overtime as he is only 19.

The production is haunting and ominous as well as enjoyable. The range of instruments seems strange until brought together to help create a good palette for the lyrics to build on. While this is not unheard of in the music world, it is fairly rare so it is a good selection of instruments to use and build on to come out with a more signature style.

Overall, this is a good album for an introduction to both artists and as a small showcase to their skills. Both Bishop Nehru and MF DOOM will become more well known as their careers continue, especially if they continue to make music like this.

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