Big Gipp – Mr Get Down Review

This is a classic down south mixtape. Gipp does well to get back to the raw sound of south Hip Hop and bringing that back. He slips a bit from the south sound nearer the end of the project but it is very southern overall and a very good mixtape.

The production is good and works well with Big Gipp’s style. His flow works well with gritty, street beats and the beats in question are just that. They are very atmospheric and can only work well with specific kinds of content. Fortunately Big Gipp nails the content for each of the tracks styles which creates a cohesive project.

The lyricism is alright but not overly lyrical so wont attract that audience of Hip Hop listeners. There is some lyricism but Gipp uses mostly entertainment based lyrics to tell a story or to simply raise the heart rate and keep the song interesting. Either way it may not be the most polished of lyrics but it is entertaining to listen to and will keep your attention.

The features are excellent. The second track has by far the best feature, as Biggie helps create a great track. The other features are good and ad to their tracks, but it is good to see that most of the project is just Gipp being Gipp as it helps to show that he is still a great rapper.

Overall, this is a great project for Big Gipp and is a good sign for his return. Whether with Goodie Mob, Ali or by himself, Big Gipp has shown that he is a southern force to be reckoned with and will continue to be so.

Mr Marcelo – OG Luv Dat OG 2 Review

This is a nice kickback and listen album. Its full of energetic and yet relatively relaxing music that make it easy to have as background music but that does mean that it isn’t the most capturing of music. while you may be sucked in to one or two tracks, most of it is still good but not enticing.

The production is smooth and very easy going. The beats sound like palm trees turned into music and it works very well when combined with Marcelo’s flow. They have a degree of diversity to have a chance for Marcelo to tell the sadder parts of his story, but it stays mostly in the bouncy section of Hip Hop production.

The lyricism is there, but is a bit feeble when compared to other rappers. It is more advanced than most beat heavy club tracks but less than songs with softer beats and more complex lyricism. If you can put up with waiting for the lyricism to come through, then there are some moments of glory, but it is mostly straight forward and simplistic.

The features are good but don’t add a lot to the mixtape. They shake up the monotony of Mr Marcelo but don’t add extra depth or more complex lyricism to any of the tracks. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good, but it does show that Marcelo may need to look for different features on future projects.

Overall, this is a good mixtape if your only sort of listening to it. While listening intently to it can be enjoyable, it is at its best as background music which is unfortunate for Mr Marcelo as it may not reflect his true ability.

Nike Lebron 12 review

These are very comfortable shoes. They give a lot of support and move freely with the foot as it moves. The hyperposite sides definitely help to keep the shoes shape and stop you rolling the sides when making quick cuts and assist in giving the shoe a unique aesthetic.

The sides rise up to support ankle and sides of the leg, but is low at the back to help putting the shoe on and taking it off and allowing a greater range of movement in the foot. The hyperposite sides help with the support and there is a pull tab on the back to make putting on and taking off the shoe even easier.

The upper is sturdy while still having a bit of wiggle room for the toes when moving around. This also helps with the breathability and helping to control the tempreture of the foot in the shoe, making the shoe more comfortable.

The sole is very special. It contains airbags, 5 in the front and one large in the back, that decrease the pressure on the foot with each step and make for a smoother ride. They also help by adding another unique point to the shoe to grab peoples attention.

Overall, this is a very comfortable pair of shoes and will really help to up your game. They are performance shoes with extreme comfort that are the currant ultimate in comfort performance wear.

Your Old Droog – Your Old Droog Review

This is the best current album for lovers of lyricism and rap styles of the old days. Droog controls everything about this album from flow to tone to how much you should enjoy each track and he hits every note perfectly. This is a truly great work of retro art.

The production is clearly new but has a very throwback feel to them. They each have the feeling of not being overpowering while accenting what Droog is doing on each one. Especially on the track “The 70’s”, the production fits in beautifully as he raps about new rappers who rap like the old days so he shows his age and goes further back than them to rap better than them.

The lyricism is beautiful and is present on every track, and pretty much every bar. Droog works the words wonderfully into imagery, similies, metaphors and any other lyrical device you can think of into easy flowing and extremely enjoyable raps. His flow is reminiscent of Nas and should propel Droog toward mainstream success.

The whole project is crafted so that it flows together easily and makes listening to it very easy going while you can listen to it with more intent to pick up all the complex wordplay that Droog throws in there. It is a very good album that all Hip Hop enthusiasts can enjoy.

Overall, this album is good for all listeners of Hip Hop and will help to bring lyricism back to the forefront of mainstream Hip Hop. Your Old Droog should be very happy with this project and should be ready to hit great success very soon.

Rick Ross – Hood Billionaire Review

This is not a good album. Each track is boring and only gets anyone’s attention by repetition of boring choruses that get stuck in the listeners head. The tracks are all very similar with generic content and it does not make for a good listen.

The production is heavy going and reverberate deep into the brain without being stimulating or enjoyable. All the tracks follow the same formula and if it wasn’t for Rick Ross shouting over the top of it, it wouldn’t twig anyone’s attention. In fact, it may be avoided in such high doses.

The lyricism is terrible. While Ross has the ability to rap, he does a terrible job at attracting any Hip Hop audience that may want to hear lyricism. That being said, he can paint a picture but these moments are far apart on the project and cant make up for the short falls.

The features don’t fit well with the project, the exception being Big K.R.I.T. Whatever track they feature on, they blend too much into the backing beat and Rick Ross’ own style. Big K.R.I.T should be praised for maintaining his individuality so well on his feature, sounding different and bringing a very refreshing relief to the whole project.

Overall, this album has a lot of areas of improvement and to say you enjoyed the whole project means you enjoy only type of song and you like to hear it over and over. Rick Ross has a lot to prove if he wants to stay eve close to Hip Hop elites.

Shady XV – Various Artists Review

The first disc is a well crafted showcase of how the Shady Records roster is prepared to make more hits and the second is a track back at the past records that helped build it up to the powerhouse it is today. Eminem started it up and has kept it rolling through some tough times and a total reboot, but it is in a strong place now and this set of records is a signal that the label is as strong, or stronger than it has ever been.

The production is great, but being a protégé of Dr Dre you pick up an ear for beats. There is a good range of beat type from country to heavy and everything in-between. Each one compliments the message and tone of the track and helps to show the range of songs and backings that the Shady Crew can work with.

The lyricism is clear and present on every track. It becomes even clearer than before that these are some of the top lyricists in the rap game and that they are not to be trifled with. These guys have come to play hardball and they are annihilating almost all other rappers out there. If your a fan of lyricism and wordplay, you have to get this project.

The features are good and show that the group can work well together with an outside influence. As well as working together with them, they also seem to gain a competitive edge and work harder to outdo the feature which creates a sense of the pure nature of Hip Hop as well as creating a great track for the listener.

Overall, this is a fantastic project for both listeners and the performers on it and we can only hope they continue to create tracks of this magnitude. Whether it’s Yelawolf, any member of Slaughterhouse or Eminem, the rest of the Hip Hop world should take heed of whatever they are doing because it is bound to be a success.

King Ray – Kush 2 Review

This is a good project from King Ray. The mixtape is only eleven tracks long which means it needs to be cohesive to be a success. Luckily this is cohesive but not so much so that it blends into one really long song. While some of the tracks may be similar, the layout and the way Ray approaches each track makes each definitive and unique to the mixtape.

The production is good and fits with King Ray’s style. It is very reminiscent of G-Funk but with a more modern twist. Still sounding very much like being at the beach or the tropics. They are bouncy and have a calming energy about them while still keeping you in a state of readiness.

The lyricism is good but not the most lyrical that the world has ever seen. The choruses are repetitive and some of the more emotional tracks can seem forced but Ray works well with the rest and creates a project with a lot of re-listen ability. He may need to work on some of his more complex wordplay to appeal to all corners of the Hip Hop audience but his lyricism is still good.

The features are good and add a sense of diversity to the project. While they may be similar to King Ray himself, they do help to stop the project becoming monotonous. They may not stand out too much against Ray or the beat type, but they really make a more colourful palette for the mixtape to play with.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable project to listen to but may not appeal to everyone. However it is definitely worth a listen or two for everyone to decide if they like it or not as this project really could go either way for each individual listener.

Jimmy Johnson – Red Ferrari Review

This is not so much a mixtape of songs, but one song that covers all generic content of rap songs without doing anything special to it but make it incredibly unbearable to listen to. The whole project seems to be auto tuned and does not make for a good listen.

The production is very similar track to track and do run into each other so much that it seems that Jimmy changes what he raps about on one very long beat. The only breaks are the pauses between songs and they aren’t very long. luckily the project is only ten tracks long so isn’t ridiculously long either.

The lyrics are boring and incredibly generic. With what seems like every word auto tuned it can also be hard to understand what he is saying. The fact that it is all auto tuned can also be a sign that he is lacking in talent when it comes to performing a song.

The features sound so similar to Jimmy that you forget that there are features at all. If there wasn’t any auto tune that could be different, but the features are indistinguishable from the main artist.

Overall, this is a poor show of a mixtape and Jimmy Johnson needs to expand his talent outside of auto tune and generic content. Do something different and of his own esteem to appear more in the public eye.

OJ Da Juiceman and Criminal Manne – Kings of the Trap Review

The title aptly describes what this mixtape is going for. Everything about it screams trap music, from production to content. Both Oj Da Juiceman and Criminal Manne show they can work with the trap music subgenre to a point of near mastery but it does not work very well as a Hip Hop project.

The production is the definition of trap music but is very similar from track to track. On a whole listen through, it all tends to blend together. If you listened to only one track it would come across as trap genius but for the whole project to sound the same creates a poor overall result.

The lyricism is very street level with nothing too complex and similar from song to song. Both artists are good at knowing what the audience for this type of music is looking for, but for all listeners in Hip Hop, it may not appeal as music for them to listen to. However it can still be enjoyable if your in the mood for energy and not something to ponder over.

With no features, which makes sense as it isn’t a solo project, this monotonous project continues to be so with few changes in song structure or any change in lyrical acrobatics, this project can seem dull to listeners looking for an intelligent listen.

Overall, this is not a project for everyone, but if you like trap music, Oj Da Juiceman or Criminal Manne, then this is a mixtape you wont want to miss. If not, there is more stimulating music out there.

Bobby Shmurda – Shmurda She Wrote Review

At only 5 tracks, this needed to be a very cohesive and diverse project to show that Bobby is more than a one hit man. While this does do that with Bobby’s actual skill, the backing is very similar on some of the tracks and doesn’t seem to totally show what he is really capable of.

The production is good and the type of beat that Bobby tends to use is very popular and will take him far. However, there is only one track on the project that doesn’t lend itself to that one beat type. That’s twenty percent of the EP that shows he can change beat type. This needs some work.

The lyricism is good and hard hitting but needs to be able to be applied to more than a street setting. If he could take his wordplay and show he could use it to be other than mean or aggressive, that would show he would be capable of making a full length project that could tell a full story rather than one aspect of one. He does make an entertaining song, even if the project as a whole doesn’t totally come together.

The features are good, but are very similar to Bobby himself. They sound slightly different due to the voices but the actual styles are similar and come across as almost copies of the main artist. Out of the five songs three have features, one of whom is the same guy twice, which doesn’t give a lot of space to show how Bobby can make more great songs without assistance.

Overall, its a nice set of songs that are similar to his first hit, “Hot Nigga”, but needs more variation if Bobby wants to make a full length album that will have a big impact on the charts.