Black Milk – If There’s a Hell Below Review

Black Milk has proved himself to be quite the MC. His skills have grown as both a producer and as a rapper and they have made this project very enjoyable. While being quite dark and brooding through the whole album, the style of rapping and the subject matter make the transition between tracks very smooth. This is also helped with the sections of the song at the beginning and end of each track, which ease the listener between the different productions on the different songs and makes a full run through of all the tracks much smoother.

The lyricism is vibrant and exciting against the beats. Black Milk shines through on the double time areas of the album where he adds to the fast paced backing beat and helps to bring together some elements of the track. The story telling element of the project is fantastic and helps to lend substance to the album and keeps the listener interested.

The production fits perfectly with the album title. It sounds chaotic with a lot of strange sounds but with the lyrical content and subject matter, it all flows together and creates the perfect atmosphere for what the track is trying to do. If hell has a soundtrack, it is the backing beats on this album, with some general screaming thrown in.

The features all help to lend new voices and points of view to the tracks they are on and lend an air of diversity to the album. While it would not be monotonous, it is refreshing to hear more than one voice through the album and the picked features all do it very well.

Overall, This album has raw emotional energy that can be related to by those with similar troubles, but may not be suitable if your feeling pretty good and happy. However, when listening to the album you can sit back, compare lives, take stock and realise maybe things could be worse. This is a great album technically and Black Milk should be praised for how well this project has come out.

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