Azealia Banks – Broke With Expensive Taste Review

This is a confusing debut. Banks fills the project with club beats and catchy rhythms, but her actual vocals seem to spend a lot of the time in the background and not at the forefront of the song. She is talented when you can hear her, but it can be a struggle sometimes.

The production is very good if you want to hear beats designed for the club or parties, but there it becomes repetitive and a struggle to listen to the project the whole way through. Some tracks, “212” for example, stand out as the better ones to take out and put in your own playlists, for you to listen to, but on the whole they tend to blend together a lot.

The lyricism, when you can hear it, is good, but not fantastic. That’s not to say it isn’t enjoyable.Banks flows easily over the backing beat, blending into it a lot of the time, and is very much in her comfort zone on these tracks. It would be good for the project if she had diversified and showed she had more than one set style with very little flexibility.

The features are good but used up early on, leaving Azealia doing her particularly rigid rhyme style for the rest of the album. One good thing that arises from the project is that Azealia has used it to really show her singing ability. That is one of the high points of the album, however it does show the flaws in her rapping and ability to put a song together.

Overall, this is an album of songs that you need to choose your favorites from and leave the rest because as a project, its not cohesive as much as it is one really long mediocre club mix that I hope Banks learns from.

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