Nino Bless – Illuminati Reject Review

This project is a testament as to why Nino Bless is a growing power in Hip Hop. He makes bold statements about other rappers and makes thought provoking music while bringing aggression and a new point of view to the table.

The production is good and fits with Nino’s stance on his place in Hip Hop. It is aggressive, sometimes dark, but also sometimes uplifting. A bit of a rollercoaster with twists turns and dips, but all entertaining. Unfortunately it all comes across as very computerised and manufactured to be generic, rather than organic and designed with him in mind. This detracts a bit from the listening experienced but still makes for a good listen.

The lyricism is good, but it can be difficult to hear him over the backing beat as his voice is a touch high in pitch which can make the backing seem louder in comparison. His actual words are cleverly crafted and should appeal to audiences that enjoy wordplay and lyricism. When you can hear the words, it all flows together very well and Nino Bless should be commended on that.

The features are good and come across as a good addition in the diversity corner. However they tend to take up a fair chunk of the song they are featured on, which can take from what Nino is doing on the song. However since Nino is on every song and other people are not, then it does not make too much of a change to the whole project.

Overall, this is a good project to project to help project Nino Bless into the Hip Hop mainstream and get his name into the households, however it is not totally cohesive and while people may talk about him, it may not be about how he is the best, but maybe one of the top.

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