Bobby Shmurda – Shmurda She Wrote Review

At only 5 tracks, this needed to be a very cohesive and diverse project to show that Bobby is more than a one hit man. While this does do that with Bobby’s actual skill, the backing is very similar on some of the tracks and doesn’t seem to totally show what he is really capable of.

The production is good and the type of beat that Bobby tends to use is very popular and will take him far. However, there is only one track on the project that doesn’t lend itself to that one beat type. That’s twenty percent of the EP that shows he can change beat type. This needs some work.

The lyricism is good and hard hitting but needs to be able to be applied to more than a street setting. If he could take his wordplay and show he could use it to be other than mean or aggressive, that would show he would be capable of making a full length project that could tell a full story rather than one aspect of one. He does make an entertaining song, even if the project as a whole doesn’t totally come together.

The features are good, but are very similar to Bobby himself. They sound slightly different due to the voices but the actual styles are similar and come across as almost copies of the main artist. Out of the five songs three have features, one of whom is the same guy twice, which doesn’t give a lot of space to show how Bobby can make more great songs without assistance.

Overall, its a nice set of songs that are similar to his first hit, “Hot Nigga”, but needs more variation if Bobby wants to make a full length album that will have a big impact on the charts.

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