OJ Da Juiceman and Criminal Manne – Kings of the Trap Review

The title aptly describes what this mixtape is going for. Everything about it screams trap music, from production to content. Both Oj Da Juiceman and Criminal Manne show they can work with the trap music subgenre to a point of near mastery but it does not work very well as a Hip Hop project.

The production is the definition of trap music but is very similar from track to track. On a whole listen through, it all tends to blend together. If you listened to only one track it would come across as trap genius but for the whole project to sound the same creates a poor overall result.

The lyricism is very street level with nothing too complex and similar from song to song. Both artists are good at knowing what the audience for this type of music is looking for, but for all listeners in Hip Hop, it may not appeal as music for them to listen to. However it can still be enjoyable if your in the mood for energy and not something to ponder over.

With no features, which makes sense as it isn’t a solo project, this monotonous project continues to be so with few changes in song structure or any change in lyrical acrobatics, this project can seem dull to listeners looking for an intelligent listen.

Overall, this is not a project for everyone, but if you like trap music, Oj Da Juiceman or Criminal Manne, then this is a mixtape you wont want to miss. If not, there is more stimulating music out there.

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