Jimmy Johnson – Red Ferrari Review

This is not so much a mixtape of songs, but one song that covers all generic content of rap songs without doing anything special to it but make it incredibly unbearable to listen to. The whole project seems to be auto tuned and does not make for a good listen.

The production is very similar track to track and do run into each other so much that it seems that Jimmy changes what he raps about on one very long beat. The only breaks are the pauses between songs and they aren’t very long. luckily the project is only ten tracks long so isn’t ridiculously long either.

The lyrics are boring and incredibly generic. With what seems like every word auto tuned it can also be hard to understand what he is saying. The fact that it is all auto tuned can also be a sign that he is lacking in talent when it comes to performing a song.

The features sound so similar to Jimmy that you forget that there are features at all. If there wasn’t any auto tune that could be different, but the features are indistinguishable from the main artist.

Overall, this is a poor show of a mixtape and Jimmy Johnson needs to expand his talent outside of auto tune and generic content. Do something different and of his own esteem to appear more in the public eye.

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