Chinx – Cocaine Riot 5 Review

This is packed with good tracks that could be popular, but they seem too long to keep the listeners interest which stops this being a good project overall. This is unfortunate as if it was more cohesive, it will be an even greater feat of Hip Hop.

The production is good and is energetic but can sometimes be too much for Chinx to stand out over. While there is an emphasis on beats in this modern age of Hip Hop, the lyricist should still be a main point instead of fading away into the background. While the production is good, it is supposed to let the artist shine and Chinx does come through, but not enough to make what he is saying amazing.

The lyricism is alright but is mainly focused on content and fitting as many gun/drug references in as possible. With limited lyrical techniques involved to improve the actual lyrics, it is mainly focused on trying to solidify Chinx street status and on making sure everyone knows that he knows about narcotics and weapons.

The features are alright but follow in the same vein as Chinx himself so don’t bring a lot to the project overall. They are mostly different voices doing the same things on the tracks and it is just mildly confusing when they switch rather than entertaining.

Overall, this would be a good mixtape but it is very repetitive and needs to do more to bring more diversity to be more enticing. It is interesting to hear at the beginning of each track, but as each track runs on they become dull and need to bring more to the table to keep things interesting.

Bizzy Crook – Coming to America Review

This is a nice project but lacks the flair to make it a great one. A lot of it is on the soft side of Hip Hop and could do with more aggression to give more energy and fuel to pump this mixtape up.

The production is good and blends well together without losing the borders on each track. The beats are smooth where they need to be and jarring in places where it should be, which leads to a cohesive backing that gives Bizzy Crook plenty of room to manoeuvre when it comes to his lyrics.

The lyricism is good and entertaining but could do with more technical aspects. The story telling portion of his skills are good but he could include more wordplay and other rap techniques to help keep his appeal more open to a wider audience in Hip Hop. This would bring him more to the mainstream and make him more of a success.

The features, or feature in this case, are alright but doesn’t add enough to the track he is on to improve it. In fact, his particular flow compared with Bizzy actually shows that Bizzy is the better rapper and helps show that he is above average.

Overall, this is a good mixtape but wont blow the listener out the water. It has some shining aspects that make it slightly above average, but it isn’t a contender for mixtape of the year.

Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Review

This is one of the most coveted Air Jordan shoes of all times and for good reason. They are very aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and very worth the money.

The overall look is a smart pair of trainers that in some colourways, could be worn with some suits. However they are still performance shoes that can be worn on and off the court and they look good on both.

The upper has two main sections. There is the Air Jordan ten-esque top and laces that flex with the foot for added comfort and style. There is also the perimeter of the top which is harder and shinier for a contrast, to provide support and to help the shoe keep its shape.

The sole is another contrasting piece. The grip is placed in the middle of the forefoot and the heel instead of running along the whole bottom of the shoe. The outsole shank is reminiscent of a pair of foamposites and adds yet another contrast to the overall piece. The main outsole then has a separate and different grip pattern to continue with the contrasts.

Overall, this is a very pleasing shoe to look at while the materials and design lead to a very comfortable shoe that doesn’t hug the shoe but is also quite tight on.

Fabolous – The Young OG Project Review

This is a good nineties themed project that takes the listener back to those times through good atmosphere, production sound and the fact that Fabolous raps on the album now as he would have back then. He brings his experiences and emotions into this project to make it very relatable for the audience.

The production is good and is a total retro experience that helps lend itself to the old Fabolous rap as well as the theme of the album. There are a lot of sounds and patterns used in the nineties that are present on this album and it is very refreshing to hear music that sounds like it was created and lost in the nineties and then brought to light this year.

The lyricism is great and nothing less than we expect from as accomplished a lyricist as Fabolous. With the emotional content and energy on this album, Fabolous does well to bring the level of imagery and engross the audience in the message from the tracks. From a lyrical point of view, this album is top notch.

The features are good, but aren’t necessarily fitting in from the nineties era of Rap. The likes of Rich Homie Quan and French Montana are not names that spring to mind when you think of rap stars of the nineties. It would have been better to see some higher ranking nineties rappers in the mix to help build on the theme.

Overall, this is a great project for Fabolous and for lovers of the nineties era. It has everything that appealed to lovers of nineties rap and may help show how great of a time for rap it was to newer listeners.

Zuse – Illegal Immigrant Review

Zuse has very distinct voice and dialect, but this doesn’t mean he can be extremely repetitive and call it entertainment. While he does have good verses, the chorus’ are long and very repetitive which drags the song down, despite them being very catchy.

The production is good but very limited in its range of tones which can make it difficult to really understand Zuse as he has very low vocal tones aswell. The project is full of dark, resounding bass and creates an almost throbbing backing for Zuse to rap over. This makes a very specific range of enjoyability for the audience.

The lyricism is alright in the verses but the hooks are very simple and repetitive which, while they are catchy, can create a boring track overall. Zuse does have some wordplay and other lyrical techniques but the hooks disappointment far outweigh the verses greatness.

The features are good, especially T.I, and they help to bring more diversity to the project. Zuse can be difficult to listen to for a full length project but with the features, it helps break up the monotony and makes a much better listening experience.

Overall, This is an enjoyable project if you like the formula that Zuse works with, deep voice with deep toned trap music, but if you like something with some up and downs in, more of a roller-coaster ride, then this is not for you.

Joell Ortiz – Yaowa Nation EP Review

This is not a Joell Ortiz project as much as a simple showcase of how he can add a strong verse to a range of song types and how he can be appealing to a wider audience. Joell brings his strong verbal abilities to a host of popular tracks and this has the affect of showing that he can be great on almost any beat.

The production is good and has been proved to be popular with audiences already. It is energetic and full of life which makes it more enjoyable to listen to as it gets the listener pumped up and ready to get out and do things. This doesn’t get dull on the full listen through as it is only six tracks. It is great from a production point of view.

The lyricism is strong as it is with every Joell Ortiz verse and as he is putting himself, pretty much, as a featured artist on these tracks, it makes him stand out against others on the tracks. Any other srtist on the tracks doesn’t sound as good as Joell in any aspect and he really improves each track overall with his wordplay.

As Joell is acting as the feature on these tracks, he does great. The other people on the songs are good and help make it an entertaining and enjoyable listen. However they do not compare to Joell on any track and he is behind the driving force behind making these songs great rather than good.

Overall, this is a great project to listen to and for Joell Ortiz to show how great of an emcee he is on yet another set of songs. It is cohesive and fun to listen to and Joell proves he can improve almost any track by being on it.

Miguel – NWA.HollywoodDreams.Coffee Review

This is only three tracks, but they have the sustenance of being singles that could chart high in most countries. Every aspect of each song is fusing Hip Hop and pop without sacrificing core values. With a lot of R and B thrown in there for good measure, the tracks on here are superb.

The production is fantastic. Each track is smooth and easy to listen to while being entertaining and energetic. While having completely different atmospheres on each track, they have the same smoothness that makes this project easy listening. Changes in tempo and changes in content shape each track but all of them are great.

The lyricism is alright but a lot of the talent on this project is through Miguel’s singing. The words are more powerful because they flow together like Multi-syllable rap schemes but the singing amplifies how well the words fit together and creates a great listening experience. Miguel has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Overall, for three tracks, it is a great project and if it is a sign of things to come, Miguel is going to have a successful 2015. His singing is a great asset to both R and B and Hip Hop which means that he may have a lot of collaborating to do in years to come.

And Merry Christmas to everyone reading this.

French Montana – Mac and Cheese 4: The Appetizer Review

This is just a taster for what is to come from French Montana’s next project ad it appears to be much more emotional and not so much coke this time. The tracks are filled with feelings instead of trying to make the next big party tune which is a different angle for Montana.

The production is good, but could deviate more than just using one sound through each track. While the backing beat should be in the background and the artist should be the main focus, it should move with the lyrics and not be the same thing through the whole song. If the beats had moved then the emotional content would have much more impact. None the less the production is still good as the overall sound is in line with the message on each track.

The lyrics may not be overly complicated, they are powerful as they are connecting on a more emotional level overall and are much more relatable to the wider audiences. Montana makes an effort to make the audience experience what he is saying instead of it passing them by and he does this by keeping his rhymes straightforward so that you can’t miss them.

As a sampler for his next project, French chose well not to put any features on as it is supposed to be a showcase of his own skills and not of who he can get on a project. It helps show the chemistry between himself and the producer on all of these songs, Harry Fraud, which helps to make the project more cohesive.

Overall, this is a good sample of what’s to come and if he keeps up like this, French Montana could have much more success in 2015. He may not be the most lyrical but he is finding ways of staying relevant and popular with this kind of music.

Fashawn and Alchemist – FASH-ionably Late Review

This is a great and cohesive project from both Fashawn and Alchemist on their chosen area of the mixtape. Clocking in at only nine tracks long, this project had to be cohesive and it definitely is. This helps to make it an easy listening experience that leaves you wanting to listen to it again.

The production is great, taking you back to the nineties sound while being able to content with more modern production for entertainment. The sounds are reminiscent of times when rap was emerging as a force to be reckoned with and you can feel that in the chemistry between Alchemist and Fashawn.

The lyricism is very good and Fashawn excels in his story telling abilities. Fashawn is able to describe in his raps that the listener may as well be watching it unfold on a screen. His abilities remind the listeners of Nas as Fashawn is that good at the story telling. Fashawn shows great lyrical ability and he should continue to develop it further into the realms of greatness.

Fashawn goes it lyrically alone with no features, which is a bold choice in todays Hip Hop climate, but with his own lyrical ability being so great it isn’t a surprise. If he can go it alone without bringing in extra help, why not as it shows him in a stringer light as an artist.

Overall, this short mixtape is a great show of how a rapper and a producer can put out some great work together. It flows together well, tells some great stories and is entertaining to listen to. Fashawn and Alchemist should continue to work together and make great Hip Hop for lovers of the genre all across the world.

Project Pat – Cheez N Dope 3 Review

This is a generic sounding project that dies not live up to Project Pat’s potential. The large majority of it is repetitive and simply forgettable with a few exceptions. Even the features make Pat look average. This is not the project that shows Pat in his best light.

The production is mediocre to start but does improve towards the end of the mixtape. It feels weak at the beginning with Pat’s aggressive delivery far overshadowing the beats. However as the project plays through the production builds in strength and helps to improve the tracks overall. By the end the production is slightly above average production but still not great.

The lyricism is poor but Pat’s delivery helps make it more entertaining. There is a lot of repetition and some basic wordplay but nothing that might interest fans of pure Hip Hop lyricism. Pat sticks to what he knows with content, style and even some of the features but his lyricism needs some work if he wants to expand his audience.

The features are good, but show that Project Pat isn’t as good a performer as he thinks. The other features outshine Pat and make him look average or worse. Juicy J especially makes him look worse because his style is so similar to Pat’s own but he does it much better. This is not a good look for Pat.

Overall, if your a fan of Pat’s previous work, you might enjoy this. However if your looking for something classic and timeless to listen to, this may not be the choice your looking for. If Pat wants to appeal to a wider audience, he needs to change a lot of things.