This is a very confusing release. It is confusing because like Jimmy Johnson’s “Red Ferrari” it seems like one long track of the same sound. Fortunately unlike the for mentioned it is much shorter at only four tracks making it much more bearable. However it is still not a great project due to its lack of diversity.

The production is good, but shouldn’t be applied to a whole project. The lack of diversity makes for an interesting listen for at most two tracks and then becomes stale. This would be a more listenable project if it changed pace at times for more of a roller-coaster ride.

The lyrics are alright but the beat overshadow them which doesn’t help the project as a whole. The actual delivery is very subdued and does not stand out so it can be difficult to understand under the backing beat and the level of autotune applied to it. If the words were a bit firmer in the delivery, they would have much more affect.

The features are alright and add the slightest of depth to the project but not enough to make it worthwhile. They do show where work is needed on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s own lyrics and delivery but can still be similar enough to be indistinguishable in some places.

Overall, this is a very short mixtape at only four songs but sound similar enough to be one really long song. More diversity and a stronger delivery is needed for PARTYNEXTDOOR to really excel in the music scene.

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