Skippa Da Flippa – Im Havin Review

This may not be the most complex of lyrical projects, but it is still entertaining and punchy. If you need energy and some loud shout rap then this is the perfect mixtape for you, especially if you prefer street orientated content.

The production is good but can become somewhat repetitive. There are some changes in the pitch, tone and atmosphere but there aren’t enough changes that would make this diverse from slightly above average trap music. Although it is slightly above average trap music which is a feat in itself considering how much average trap music is out there at the moment.

The lyricism is alright but needs some work to appeal to a wider audience. Skippa has a shout rap style and has chosen trap music as his sub-genre, so it can be seen that some hurdles to high quality lyricism do appear. However it can also be heard in Skippa’s rapping that he has a lot of potential to escalate his wordplay and it can be believed that he can work towards a higher plane of lyricism.

The features are frequent to start and leave the second half of the mixtape up to Skippa to showcase his own skills. At the beginning however, the features are on nearly every song but don’t add much to the project as they are barely distinguishable from Skippa himself.

Overall, this is a good project if you need a spurt of energy to get through something, but for an in depth listen, there are better projects out there. Skippa does well to showcase his skills, but you shouldn’t expect him to break through to mainstream success just yet.

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