Edai 600 – Koopa The King Review

This is another generic trap mixtape with all the generic features to go with it. Repetitive hooks, average auto tune and same as everyone else content keep this from being a better project. Edai 600 needs to separate himself from the pack to have any mainstream success.

The production is good, but needs to be broken up more instead of just being played through as this becomes boring and makes the tracks much less entertaining. Each song has a very similar sounding beat and it could easily become difficult to tell them from one another, apart from some changes in the lyrics.

The lyricism is not good, but does exist. There is some attempt at wordplay and other lyrical devices, but they aren’t frequent or good enough to make this even close to appealing to lyrical rap fans. Edai 600 needs to up his lyrical game if he wants to compete with the current rap elite.

The features are alright but are in the same vain as Edai 600 so also become marred in repetitive and uninteresting lyrics. Each one sounds different in voice from Edai 600 but use the same techniques and rap more generic content which doesn’t improve the track they are on. Infact, it just shows how average Edai 600 is.

Overall, this is not a great project or a good one, but simply a reminder that not all rappers can make audience for the masses, but can make one type of music that will appeal to one group. This is an average project that you may listen to once but not again after that.

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