Fashawn and Alchemist – FASH-ionably Late Review

This is a great and cohesive project from both Fashawn and Alchemist on their chosen area of the mixtape. Clocking in at only nine tracks long, this project had to be cohesive and it definitely is. This helps to make it an easy listening experience that leaves you wanting to listen to it again.

The production is great, taking you back to the nineties sound while being able to content with more modern production for entertainment. The sounds are reminiscent of times when rap was emerging as a force to be reckoned with and you can feel that in the chemistry between Alchemist and Fashawn.

The lyricism is very good and Fashawn excels in his story telling abilities. Fashawn is able to describe in his raps that the listener may as well be watching it unfold on a screen. His abilities remind the listeners of Nas as Fashawn is that good at the story telling. Fashawn shows great lyrical ability and he should continue to develop it further into the realms of greatness.

Fashawn goes it lyrically alone with no features, which is a bold choice in todays Hip Hop climate, but with his own lyrical ability being so great it isn’t a surprise. If he can go it alone without bringing in extra help, why not as it shows him in a stringer light as an artist.

Overall, this short mixtape is a great show of how a rapper and a producer can put out some great work together. It flows together well, tells some great stories and is entertaining to listen to. Fashawn and Alchemist should continue to work together and make great Hip Hop for lovers of the genre all across the world.

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