Chinx – Cocaine Riot 5 Review

This is packed with good tracks that could be popular, but they seem too long to keep the listeners interest which stops this being a good project overall. This is unfortunate as if it was more cohesive, it will be an even greater feat of Hip Hop.

The production is good and is energetic but can sometimes be too much for Chinx to stand out over. While there is an emphasis on beats in this modern age of Hip Hop, the lyricist should still be a main point instead of fading away into the background. While the production is good, it is supposed to let the artist shine and Chinx does come through, but not enough to make what he is saying amazing.

The lyricism is alright but is mainly focused on content and fitting as many gun/drug references in as possible. With limited lyrical techniques involved to improve the actual lyrics, it is mainly focused on trying to solidify Chinx street status and on making sure everyone knows that he knows about narcotics and weapons.

The features are alright but follow in the same vein as Chinx himself so don’t bring a lot to the project overall. They are mostly different voices doing the same things on the tracks and it is just mildly confusing when they switch rather than entertaining.

Overall, this would be a good mixtape but it is very repetitive and needs to do more to bring more diversity to be more enticing. It is interesting to hear at the beginning of each track, but as each track runs on they become dull and need to bring more to the table to keep things interesting.

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