Young Scooter – Jug Season Review

This is a very strange project as it consistently shows Young Scooter in a less than average light but with some big production and some good features. The way Scooter raps on these tracks does not seem worthy of such assistance.

The production is repetitive and is extremely similar the whole way through the mixtape. All the beats are trap beats which in their nature use the same thing over and over. However they are made entertaining by the rapper, which doesn’t happen on this project.

The lyricism is pretty much non-existent. Young Scooter focuses on the street level content to drive the songs on, but that isn’t enough. There is no complicated wordplay or any sort of lyrical device that will appeal to fans of that level of Hip Hop. Scooter needs to take it up a notch if he expects to become more of a household name.

The features are better than Scooter without being too far ahead. They appear on a lot of tracks and on each one they add a level of comparison. Each is similar to Scooter in the sense of the same content but they each seem to try and add a level of lyrical combat to their verses.

Overall, this can be enjoyed but only by a small group of Hip Hop listeners. If Young Scooter wants to grow in fame, then he needs to try something new and branch out.

2 Chainz, Cap 1, Skooly and Fresh (AKA Short Dawg) – T.R.U Jack City Review

This is a good compilation for the group to showcase their individual skill and the chemistry of the group. However it shows that 2 Chainz is not as accomplished as he believes.

The production is good and is diverse enough to allow a range of tracks, but not so much that it is complete when it comes to topics of songs. Most of this project is trap music that follows the same patterns and formulas on each beat, but there are a couple that expand their thoughts and allow a wider range of emotions and possibility.

The lyricism is alright but this project is mostly about street credibility and the reality of it. While there are some attempts at clever lyricism, this mixtape is mostly about making tracks that the street can bop to and can relate to. Mostly about drugs and women, the lyrics are made for delivery to make them powerful, but for that to be the case, some of the artists need to step their game up.

The features are alright but are all too much like the main artists to make much of an impact or add much to the tracks. With so many artists out there trying to make it big in rap, making songs that could have been made by anyone is not the way to stand out and the verses the features put out are mediocre. They need to try harder to make more of an impact.

Overall, this is a good compilation for the main artists who aren’t 2 Chainz to get more exposure, but there is a lot left to be desired and a lot of untapped potential. With some more effort and a higher level of diversity, this group could have some success in the music industry.

Chevy Woods – Gangland 3 Review

This is a good mixtape if you enjoy the particular brand of track that is Chevy Woods, but it won’t be great at enticing a new audience for the Taylor Gang rapper. It follows a particular formula on every song and this can become repetitive to listen to.

The production is good but can be very repetitive. This is because the same patterns and same types of beat are used but somewhat differentiated to make the backings for Chevy to rap over. If there were more spots of branching out and more chance taking, this may be a more interesting project to listen to.

The lyricism is nothing special while not being a slouch either. There is some clever moments and not a lot of poor, but it is not enough to make this overly appealing to the lyrical audience. While it can be enjoyed, with some more time spent enhancing them and crafting them to a higher level, Chevy could be appealing to a wider audience than the hardcore Taylor Gang guys.

The features all put in verses on the same level as Chevy, but are all too similar to Chevy’s own style to make much of an impact. When listening to the tracks, they can be difficult to distinguish From Chevy and sometimes you wouldn’t know there was a feature if it didn’t say on the track listing.

Overall, this can be an enjoyable listen if seen through the right lenses but if your not a fan of the formula, then this may not be the project for you. However if you hear some and like it, then you will like it all and Chevy will have another fan or keep an existing one.

Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Catelle Review

This is a bizarre sounding project where some of it is brilliant but is let down by the delivery over production. Where Onoe sometimes blends into the backing too well and the beat takes over is where the problems lie. Onoe needs to be a more dominant force.

The production is experimental to say the least. Where Big K.R.I.T used a space theme, he used smoother sounds than this to craft his album. Onoe’s theme translated into a conglomerate of strange space age sounds and patterns in the music that would not normally be entertaining. The beats are love it or hate it types of deals.

The lyricism is alright but the delivery lets it down. Onoe’s words carry some weight and there is some clever lyricism but the performance lacks passion and doesn’t hit as hard as it could. With a stronger delivery , Onoe could have had a much stronger project.

The features are strange as on first listen, you can barely distinct them from the backing. However they do help expand the listening experience by adding extra depths to each track and helping expand the message of each song.

Overall, this is an enjoyable first listen but after that it is very much a sense of personal taste. There are no defining factors that say this is a great project but as it is so experimental it is difficult to see how there would be. If you have enjoyed Onoe Caponoe in the past, then this may be a good choice for you.

YGG Tay – Rich Before Rap Review

There is nothing in this project to suggest that YGG Tay is going to be a hit in Hip Hop. He simply comes across as another dealer thinking he can rap, or a wannabe drug dealer with the same thoughts. He needs to show he is superior to the rest of the wannabes to be considered a threat in the rap game.

The production is alright but with no groundbreaking areas that really impress. There are a lot of generic trap beats that are entertaining simply because of the energy involved in them but there is nothing particularly special about them. There are no signature sounds involved by any particularly adept producer which leaves this project lacking luster.

The lyricism is barely perceptible over the poor delivery. There are some lyrical techniques used to make it slightly more appealing but Tay needs to bring up his delivery so that the bars are harder hitting and any clever lyrics involved actually land harder than they currently do.

The features are alright but are in the same vein as YGG Tay which only leaves a different voice with the same type of rap. This is unfortunate as the features only show that there are others out there like YGG Tay and not that Tay is better than them. If Tay wants to improve, he needs other rappers to compete against for best on the tracks.

Overall, this is a poor project to show what YGG Tay is capable of and is a disappointing mixtape. Tay has a long way to go if he wants to become more of a household name or even have a widely acceptable style of rap.

Trinidad James – No One Is Safe Review

This is more of the same Trinidad James that you have heard on all his other projects. If James wants to continue in the music industry at all, he needs to shake it up and start introducing something new to his formula.

The production is good and actually makes for quite an interesting listen. Each track is definitely differentiated from the others and has some properties that fit in with James’ formula. The sounds used are out of the norm and it helps to make the production stand out.

The lyricism is ok, but nothing to go crazy over. James includes a couple of touches of greatness and potential, but they are few and far between. The content is generic and is filled with vulgar and unimpressive references that are dull and boring to hear.

THe features are better than Trinidad James but are still not the elite in rap. While the features are alright and help bring a certain amount of respectable alliances to the project, they all run in the same vein as James and don’t bring any new or interesting ideas to the table as far as content is concerned.

Overall, this is a good project if you already Liked Trinidad James but if you aren’t a fan already, this is not the project that is going to do it. This is the same repetition of James that we have always seen and is nothing new or exciting to get hyped up about.

Vee Tha Rula – Vrses EP Review

This is a good demonstration of Vee’s lyrical ability but does not show much of how he puts songs together. While the verses are good, the songs lack luster and the hooks can be repetitive and boring to listen to.

The production is suitable for the purpose of showcasing Vee’s rapping but wouldn’t be much without it. It can be bland in places without much holding it together other than Vee going at it over the top. It needs more excitment to make it more appealing.

The lyricism is good but not great. While Vee does do a good job of showing that he can rap and that he does possess some lyrical ability. However this is brought down by his own delivery and performance of the tracks. With some more explosiveness and some delivery changes, Vee could have some great verses.

The features are good too, but don’t really add much to the tracks. They add a small amount of contrast to Vee but not enough to stand out. Vee needs to bring in more features of a higher calibre that would challenge Vee to work harder on his contributions.

Overall, this is a good showcase of where Vee Tha Rula stands currently in todays rap standings and while he isn’t near the top, he has the potential to go much further than he stands now. All he needs to do is tweak his delivery and push himself a little harder.

K Camp – One Way Review

This is a good showcase of how K Camp can use his talents to make generic content songs a bit more exciting. With his ability to add some singing, or at least a close substitute to, into the mix helps make a more interesting listen.

The production is good and is a good mixture of important features for a good listen. The beats are interesting enough to listen to , but also have spots where K Camp really stands out and can be heard. It makes for a more enjoyable listen and a good base for K Camp to build on.

The lyricism is there but is not a prominent point on the project. While there is some impressive wordplay the more important things are the combo of singing and rapping to make the generic content seem fresh and revitalised. K Camp’s performance and delivery on this is impressive but if some more wordplay were to be involved, the project would be improved somewhat.

The features on this project are also good and help K Camp improve his chemistry with others on the tracks. Each helps to contrast what K Camp brings to the table as well as shows the skills each of the features themselves has to offer.

Overall, this is an enjoyable listen and a good point for K Camp in his career. With his blend of deliveries and his ability to sound different from the rest of his rap generation, he should become more of a figure in Hip Hop than he is now.

Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Review

This is a Wayne project that shows that Wayne is starting to strike out and get that hinger back rather than just making more mediocre songs. This can only lead to great tracks from a great rapper.

The production is good with the mixture of new beats and some from other popular tracks. Each brings a new challenge for Wayne and makes for an interesting listen. All the tracks bring energy to the listen through and helps make this a good project.

The lyricism is improved from previous Wayne projects. He works more at using rap techniques instead of relying on his reputation to sell music. There is much more use of clever wordplay and this opens up the songs ot a wider audience in Hip Hop.

The features are good as well as Wayne which helps bring the level of skill on these tracks up even higher. Each helps to show a contrast to Wayne and help to bring more depth to a mixtape that needed a touch more emotion.

Overall, this is a good project with plenty of good tracks, but needs a touch more emotion to be appealing to all of Hip Hop’s audience rather than most. Wayne needs to continue in this vein with this hunger and he will rise quickly to the top of the elite in the music business, let alone Hip Hop.

Lupe Fiasco – Tetsuo And Youth Review

This is an enjoyable album to listen to, even if you can’t enjoy all the complexities. Lupe does well to have a range of songs that could appeal to a diverse audience which is always a good idea.

The production is good, if at some times confusing. The combination of sounds and the format of the tracks sometimes sounds misplaced but that may be the the point to fit the the message on those tracks. The rest is smooth and great backing for Lupe to do his work over.

The lyricism is great and Lupe does good work keeping it going on every track right the way through the entire project. Almost everything Lupe spits on this album is cleverly containing some form of rap genius and it helps solidify Lupe as a premium lyricist in the rap game.

The features are also good on this project and give extra levels of depth to the album. The singing from some and aggressive verses from others help to bring more authenticity as well as help add extra levels of enjoyment.

Overall, this is a great effort from Lupe Fiasco and a good start to the year as well. This album may seem confusing but it is still an enjoyable listen and a lyrical masterpiece. With Lupe looking to sink into the shadows from whence he came, this great a project may not be the way to go for him to achieve that goal.