B.o.B Presents – No Genre: The Label Review

This is a very enjoyable mixtape to listen to, but when you break each track down it comes across as very formulaic. Each is very good but when you compare them, they have a lot of similarities that make each track less special.

The production is very good but a whole listen through can be difficult to stomach. While each one is very good on its own, next to the other tracks, all of them have the same run through when it comes to layout. On the other hand, the energy and excitement in the actual beats can make them very entertaining to listen to.

The lyricism is there but is mostly based on multi syllable techniques as a crutch to lean on. The main artists on this project are all in the same vein of rap with only a small amount of differentiation between all of them. If they all had a more stand out flow to help each of them stand out, it would be more of a showcase of their talents.

With only one feature, this was a good move to help make each of the artists on the project stand out more rather than compete against others. It is better for the No Genre Label to simply show what they can do and not compare themselves to the rest of the rap world just yet.

Overall, this is a good project for energizing the listener but it is not for all audiences. No Genre is not specifically true as there is a lot of rap and Hip Hop roots but there are outside influences thrown in to spice up the musical pot.

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