Trust Gang – The Trust Tape Review

This mixtape has a surprising amount of range when it comes to content and emotions. Before listening, this mixtape was expected to be full of generic drugs and sex songs. However the tracks on this may contain some of that, but with a new approach and some songs that will connect heavily with the listeners emotions to help make this a solid project.

The production is very good with a slight feeling of going back to the boom-bap era of rap music. While there are some newer sounds on this, most of it is kept quite old school and this makes for a very nostalgic listen. Also, the beats are very cohesive and blend well into one another to help make a good listening experience.

The lyricism is alright but not the top aspect of this project. While this mixtape doesn’t slouch when it comes to wordplay, the messages on the tracks come across as more important than the actual words in use. Not to say that fans of lyricism wont enjoy this, but the content is what these songs are for.

Overall, this is a good and enjoyable project ot listen to and has at least a little bit of something for everyone. It is all enjoyable and Trust Gang should be looking to build upon this success.

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