Kevin Mccall and Constantine – RNG Muzic Review

This is a good showcase of the main artists skill. The combination of new tracks mixed with remixes of popular songs makes for a very enjoyable listen through.

The production is good and comes across as a good effort toward a more mainstream success. Using popular beats and remaking them into their own style of song helps to showcase their individual skills. The Beats are varied and open up a range of context and flows which help to make this project even more enjoyable.

The lyricism is alright but needs to be a more impressive aspect of this mixtape. There is some lyricism involved in this project and it is good to help the imagery involved in these tracks. However there are some patches that are lacking in the wordplay department which can show some inconsistency in their writing.

The features on this mixtape are good and help to show the cohesiveness of Kevin and Constantine. When there is a feature on the tracks, both the main artists as well as the feature put in extra effort to try and top the others and make an even greater track.

Overall, this is a good project for Kevin McCall and Constantine, helping them bridge to the mainstream. With a few more projects like this, they could become a large pieve of the Hip Hop Genre

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