Clay James – Kickin Pimpin Review

While Clay James may not have earned his title of prince of the south quite yet, this project goes a long way to taking him there. His flow combined with the signature production of FKi makes for a very enjoyable listen.

The production is great. Handled executively by FKi, the beats come across as unique and help to make this a standout project. The production works well with Clay’s flow and makes a cohesive project. It would be nice to see the tempo change a bit more but this is good production overall.

The lyricism is good but may not be enjoyed by all. Clay’s nasally tone can be difficult to enjoy but his actual wordplay is very good. His strengths lie in his similes and metaphors that help to paint vivid images of what each track is about. If he could show that he could change his tempo a bit more with some other variations maybe, it would improve the project a bit but not a lot.

The features are good and help show that Clay can work well with others. While they may still be in the same vein as Clay when it comes to delivery, they are different enough not to fade into the background and this makes for a much more enjoyable listen.

Overall, this is an enjoyable mixtape to listen to and should bring Clay James to more of a forefront in the Hip Hop genre. With some variations to build more of an all round repertoire he could be a great Hip Hop artist.

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