Willow Smith – Interdimensional Tesseract Review

This was not a good idea from Willow Smith as the tracks are too short and too poor to show that she can make catchy tracks. Each does not have much potential to be attractive to the public and Willow is almost non present on each song.

The production is the only good part of these tracks as they are interesting to listen to, and would make good back drops to rappers. However with Willow doing a poor job of keeping the listeners wanting to keep listening, the production is wasted.

The lyricism is poor and needs work to apply to the market listening to marketable mixtapes. Willow’s singing is very much in the background and can barely be heard over the backing beat. She needs to bring her talents to the forfront of any track if she is going to be recognised as a good artist.

Overall, this is not a good project and should be avoided for other, more critically acclaimed mixtapes. Willow Smith needs to do more to make herself a stand out point on any track or project to make herself a better known artist.

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