Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Review

This is a Wayne project that shows that Wayne is starting to strike out and get that hinger back rather than just making more mediocre songs. This can only lead to great tracks from a great rapper.

The production is good with the mixture of new beats and some from other popular tracks. Each brings a new challenge for Wayne and makes for an interesting listen. All the tracks bring energy to the listen through and helps make this a good project.

The lyricism is improved from previous Wayne projects. He works more at using rap techniques instead of relying on his reputation to sell music. There is much more use of clever wordplay and this opens up the songs ot a wider audience in Hip Hop.

The features are good as well as Wayne which helps bring the level of skill on these tracks up even higher. Each helps to show a contrast to Wayne and help to bring more depth to a mixtape that needed a touch more emotion.

Overall, this is a good project with plenty of good tracks, but needs a touch more emotion to be appealing to all of Hip Hop’s audience rather than most. Wayne needs to continue in this vein with this hunger and he will rise quickly to the top of the elite in the music business, let alone Hip Hop.

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