Vee Tha Rula – Vrses EP Review

This is a good demonstration of Vee’s lyrical ability but does not show much of how he puts songs together. While the verses are good, the songs lack luster and the hooks can be repetitive and boring to listen to.

The production is suitable for the purpose of showcasing Vee’s rapping but wouldn’t be much without it. It can be bland in places without much holding it together other than Vee going at it over the top. It needs more excitment to make it more appealing.

The lyricism is good but not great. While Vee does do a good job of showing that he can rap and that he does possess some lyrical ability. However this is brought down by his own delivery and performance of the tracks. With some more explosiveness and some delivery changes, Vee could have some great verses.

The features are good too, but don’t really add much to the tracks. They add a small amount of contrast to Vee but not enough to stand out. Vee needs to bring in more features of a higher calibre that would challenge Vee to work harder on his contributions.

Overall, this is a good showcase of where Vee Tha Rula stands currently in todays rap standings and while he isn’t near the top, he has the potential to go much further than he stands now. All he needs to do is tweak his delivery and push himself a little harder.

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