Demrick and Cali Cleve – Losing Focus Review

This album clearly is set to deal with issues that Demrick has while also being heavily involved in the drug related rap department. However this musical endeveur is an enjoyable listen, even if it does not quite hit the mark when it comes to connecting emotionally.

The production is fitting with the message that Demrick is trying to put across and Cali Cleve does well to weave it together. The combination of haunting and energetic helps the album explore a lot of ground as well as provide a song for all audiances in Hip Hop. Some radio ready tracks may help build thier profiles but the work done on this album has some very good beats in it.

The lyricism is clever and intricate throughout the whole project. Demrick does very well with his wordplay and rhyming schemes to attract the lyrical listeners in the rap game. There is a lot of entertaining and enjoyable rap moments on this project and should be seen as stepping stones on Demrick’s path to success.

The features are also very good on this album as they are growing or established names in Hip Hop already which helps to bring some diversity to the project and each of them puts in a good effort. Every verse fits in with the tracks message perfectly and each has thier own intricate schemes that build the fun of this album.

Overall, this is an enjoyable album if you are into drugs and are inclined towards an emotional mood. If not, you can still enjoy this album based exclusively on the high quality of lyricism involved in this musical effort.

Fashawn – The Ecology Review

This is a fantastic album reminiscent of Nas as Fashawn takes a narrative stance throughout the project and creates a great feeling of education through enjoyment of the music. If he stays on a role like this, Fashawn could have a great Hip Hop career.

The production is great and has a wide range that allows Fashawn to explore a large variety of songs and emotions. Energy levels rise and dip appropriately with how the listener should be feeling and helps to create a very cohesive listening experiance. There is not a whole lot that can be critiscised about the beats on thois project as it is clear that Fashawn has a great ear for these things.

The lyricism us clever and enticing to listen to. The wordplay and other lyrical techniques weave a colourful tapestry of imagery that draws you in and really helps to show that Fashawn should be ranked amoung the top lyricists. Again, there is not a whole lot to criticise. Possibly, some more positive tracks could be thrown in but that is pretty much it.

The features are also enjoyable and show how well Fashawn’s style blends with others to create great tracks. A combination of big names and people he has good chemistry with helps to make some great guest verses and some standout tracks. Maybe some more experimental features would better showcase Fashawn’s rapping ability but his choices here are all good choices.

Overall, this is an enjoyable project as well as educational to the listener. Fashawn does a great job putting this album together and if it is an indicator of things to come, he could have a very successful future in the rap game.

Rocko – Expect The Unexpected Review

This is a good showing for Rocko lyrically and puts him in a strong position moving forward. This project really showcases his ability to put a song together and to really go hard over the beat. However he may need to look into some new ground when it comes to content.

The production is great and sounds very polished upon listening to it. The very modern sounds and the level of scope that the beats bring is phenominal. There is a lot you can do with the instrumentals on these and Rocko does a very good job of exploiting that fact. On such a short project, it could be said that Rocko explores some sides of this equation more than others but it is still an enjoyable listen through.

The lyricism is excellent on this project and should be applauded. While it is contained to some fairly basic content, the way Rocko flows through each track helps to create a sense that he is moving forward with his rap career. The next step is to apply his compex lyricism to more complex subject matter.

The features put in some good verses and help contribute to an enjoyable listen. There are a good amount of guests on this mixtape, not too many so as to take from Rocko’s performance, and they are spread out so as to extend the entertainment value of this mixtape. Some possible experimentation with some features from further outside Rocko’s comfort zone would extend it even further, but the way this project is put together, Rocko has done a good job.

Overall, this is a great job from Rocko to make a project that shows his lyrical skill. His ability to put a song together is also showcased on this mixtapr and Rocko should be commended on such a strong effort.

Chris Brown and Tyga – Fan Of A Fan The Album Review

This is a collection of songs where Tyga and Chris both cruise along in auto pilot and don’t tend to really try and excel in any given area. They should take into consideration the falling of both of thier album sales in thier careers and really try to break new ground to maintain thier place amoung the pop/Hip Hop world.

The production is actually very good and works well with the party culture both Tyga and Chris seem to be involved in. While there is not a lot of range there are also more sombre offerings that open up the duo to a more complete project rather than a party mix. Some more emotional tracks would make this a more well rounded album, but if you like the formula for thier hits, this could be an enjoyable album for you.

The lyricism is alright but nothing that will break down barriers and allow them into the lyrical elite. There is some wordplay and schemes involved but it is all rather basic and is relying on the beat and energy to pull it through. This is part of both Tyga and Chris’ general song etiquette and should not come as a surprise, simply a disappointment.

The features do well to be distinct on the song they are on and bring a good amount of diversity to the album. Each brings a good verse to the album and helps raise the level of intellect overall. Maybe some more features that are a bit more out of thier comfort zone would help create more of an atmosphere of attempting something new but as features go, these do a great job.

Overall, this is an entertaining listen if you like the music Tyga and Chris Brown put out individually as this is basically a mash up of the two. However if you are looking for something more encapsulating, this is not the album for you.

Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise Review

This is a good project for lyricism andbeats, but Big Sean’s delivery can become monotonous if you listen to it for a lengthy amount of time. However the high level of diversity when it comes to features and beats helps make this an enjoyable listen.

The production is excellent with a high level of quality and range. Each track is different from the one before and fits with the content of each song very well. Some could argue that there is not a lot of slower tracks or not a lot of emotional tracks in comparison to the number of songs on the project, but there is a lot of energy throughout the album so you tend not to notice too much.

The lyricism is good and above average, if let down by Sean’s delivery. The way the rhymes are put together is very clever and entertaining to listen to. The patterns used and the schemes involved are intricate and complex enough to attract that audiance in Hip Hop. However the performance from Big Sean does not have a lot of variation and instead seems to drone on in a way that makes it difficult to really get into the lyricism.

The features are also good as they help bring the variation to the project that Big Sean fails to bring. Eaxch is different to Sean in either style or delivery. Even a change in pitch or vocal tone helps to make the album more enjoyable overall.

Overall, this is an enjoyable project due to the energy and lyricism involved but the lack of forward moving when it comes to Sean’s performance holds this album back. While this can be a problem, the general project is very good and of very high quality, to be enjoyed by almost any fan of Hip Hop.

Ghostface Killah and BADBADNOTGOOD – Sour Soul Review

This is a great project that combines Ghostface’s signiture style with the haunting production he does so very well with. If the chemistry on this project is anything to go by, we can expect great things from this pairing in the future.

The production is full of beats that sound like they use the same idea behind Wu-Tang Clan’s original album. If you modernised the backings on those tracks, you get an idea of what to expect on this album. With that sort of stand out beat to work with, The duo do a great job making a great project.

The lyricism is classic Ghostface and does not disappoint. He does a great job keeping the tracks at a pure Hip Hop level at its most entertaining. The lyricism may not be the most complex out there, but it is vivid imagery that is painted and makes a good listen.

The features are also good and help bring a level of diversity to the project. Each is different from Ghostface and shows that he works well with a range of other rappers. The kind of chemistry shown on this project is fantastic and should be an example to others in the rap game.

Overall, this is a good project and an enjoyable listen through. If you are a fan of Ghostface already, you will love this album. If you aren’t, then this should make you one.

Joey Fatts – Ill Street Blues Review

This mixtape from Joey Fatts is a self produced work of art that fits the title perfectly. The content is about the down sides of street life and Joey does this with a refreshing burst of calm energy.

The production is all tendered towards the theme and all ties together well. Each has it’s own individual atmosphere and it’s own little skits to give each track some context and extra emotional feel. High energy songs would have made a more complete project but would not fit in with the message the project is trying to send.

The lyricism is good and helps paint vivid images of the scenes Joey is describing. While it may not be the most complex and complicated word schemes, but the descriptions provided will make you feel like your there. If your in the mood for the saddened songs of this project, Joey will provide a way to make you feel like your part of the song.

The features do well to add to Joey’s narrative without detracting from his performance. Each help to grow the atmosphere on each track by adding to what Joey is saying and embellishing it with their own stories. A great addition to this project.

Overall, if you are in a sombre mood, this mixtape is what you are looking for. Joey Fatts has created a created a project to help you get into that mood or to make you feel like your not alone in whatever your going through.

Chief Keef – Sorry For The Weight Review

This is an alright project if you already like Keef but he doesn’t bring anything new to the table. This project that is full of generic content as well as skits that is essentially just Chief Keef trying to justify himself about his music and lifestyle.

The production is all basic and generic, with nothing to really grab your attention. Trap beats litter this project, but not the polished and enjoyable kind. This production is full of dirty bass that reverberates the whole room, but without the rest of the components to make it enjoyable.

The lyricism is alright, and possible slightly above average, but is so unenjoyable due to delivery and content that it may as well not be there. The lyrical techniques used are not creative or new and instead they just seem to be more colourful ways of saying the same things over and over through all the tracks.

The features do add a little to the mixtape, but at twenty long songs, they fall through the cracks and become very forgettable. Each does put in a good effort and can make the songs they are on more enjoyable, but they are few and far between. This does not show that Keef can put together a good project as far as the tram is concerned.

Overall, this is not a great project as far as aspects of Hip Hop is concerned. There is nothing ground breaking about this project and Keef puts everyone through mediocre tracks. He has a lot to work on if he plans on releasing anything to get into the mainstreams view.

Juicy J – Blue Dream and Lean 2 Review

This is an enjoyable project if you are the target audience of stoners, If you do not fall in that category however, this may be a repetitive project that may be difficult to hear all the way through.

The production is classic Juicy J and is exactly what you expect to hear on one of his projects. The bass is in heavy use throughout the project and there is no big melodies that play on almost any track. With some more variation and experimentation outside this single track formula, this may have a wider audience.

The lyricism is nothing special as yet another content driven project comes to light. With your typical tracks about drugs, women and money come together, with one offering about the recent shootings of young black men, these songs may have been made by almost anyone. It is Juicy J’s flow and cadence that makes this remotely interesting to listen to.

The features are good, with exception of Project Pat, and put in some good efforts for the most part. Pat is the anomaly because he is so very like Juicy J in the first place that when finding Juicy repetitive, it simply comes across as more of the same. However the rest of the features out in great work and diversify the project to a more enjoyable level.

Overall, this is a good project for stoners to listen to, but if you are looking for something refreshing to listen to, this is not it. Juicy may need to try a new angle or fresh approach if he wants to keep expanding his fan base.

Vado – V-Day EP 2 Review

If you are ever looking for a rap love song, this is the project to come to. It has a song for every type of love situation and Vado utilises his style well to make each song work.

The production is good and lends itself towards the content of the valentines themed songs. There is a Hip Hop base with some sounds from more traditional songs that come together to allow the softer content to shine through. Maybe a few more energetic songs would make a more complete project, but for an EP, this is a good project.

The lyricism is above average but is not quite as complex as it could be. This may be because the songs are message driven more than made for bars but they are still effective. If there was some more complicated lyricism, it may be more accessible to more listeners, but what is in this project is still better than what a lot of rappers are putting out these days.

The features are all good and help improve the level of chemistry on this project. Each put in some good effort and do well with their own lyricism. Maybe some more features that are outside of Vado’s comfort zone would create a more re-listenable effort but this is still an enjoyable listen.

Overall, this is a good effort for valentines day but does not have a lot of replay value as it is so focused on its theme. This can be viewed as a good or bad thing but if your in the mood for rap love, this is where you want to be.