Aston Marten Phi – Aston Martin Music Review

This is a nice project with a few let down tracks but an overall good showing. Phi may need to find some new content but it fits with the overall theme of this project so is not too much of a factor.

The production is great and is mostly smooth sounding and enjoyable. With the content being so money centred, the beats tend to be uptempo and full of energy. All the production sounds polished and is a good indicator of things to come from Phi.

The lyricism is alright but needs a bit of work to start attracting that audience in Hip Hop. While he can use a simile and metaphor, he is very set in his flow and may need to shake it up to include more multi schemes. However, with the nature of his money music, it does not make a huge impact on the overall impact of the music.

The features put in good efforts and are diverse enough from Phi to be effective. On the other hand, none of them are really stand out verses which is unfortunate for the tracks they are on. With some bigger names and more competition on his next project would create a better overall effort.

Overall, this is a nice try from Phi to break into a more mainstream version of Hip Hop. A few pit falls along the way but a solid set of tracks help make this a firm ground to build on.

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