Two-9 – B4FRVR Review

This is an enjoyable project and a good show of why Two-9 is a group to watch this year. With their combination of styles and flows, this set of individuals has the potential to go far in Hip Hop.

The production is good for what Two-9 are trying to do on this project. The beats are background enough so the members of Two-9 are prominent on the tracks, but interesting enough to help keep the songs interesting and not just noise. Some more diversity into a wider range of beats, more uptempo and modern, may yield a fuller project but this is a good point to build on.

The lyricism is good but may not be readily accessible to everyone. While the rapping is enjoyable, the wordplay is not strong throughout and is only prominent in certain areas so everyone may not be ready to hear it for the lyricism.

The features are good and help to build on the success that Two-9 has. The connections on this project show Two-9 is growing in power and each of the features puts good effort into thier tracks. The project only grows with every voice on it.

Overall, this is a good project for Two-9 and everyone else on it as it shows good things are happening in Hip Hop. With a bit more diversity and a few more projects under their belts, they could go far in the rap game.

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