Tank – If You Were Mine EP Review

This is a good showcase of Tank’s singing ability as he takes on others songs to show he can sing it as well as they can. This works ot show his talent but not his songwriting ability.

The production is a toned down edition of the radio rips of these songs. While this may take some of the energy out of it, it does make Tank a much more powerful presence on the songs and help clear the path for him to really show what he is capable of.

The lyricism is all about imagery and message as this is a singing project and not a rap one. This means that the tones that are used in the singing combined with the overall message of each track is the main focus and not any intricate schemes or wordplay.

There are no features on this project as it is all about Tank showing what he can do vocally with other peoples songs and he does a good job with them. He shows that he can reach the high notes and then some with his pitch and he keeps the passion that others display on these songs as well. The only problem is that he may not put enough of his own self and style into each track to make it differentiated from the originals.

Overall, this is a good listen and is a good effort by Tank to break into the singing mainstream which can be very difficult in todays music scene. If he keeps being able to produce notes like he does on this selection, combined with being featured on others songs in Hip Hop, he will go far in the music industry.

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