Vado – V-Day EP 2 Review

If you are ever looking for a rap love song, this is the project to come to. It has a song for every type of love situation and Vado utilises his style well to make each song work.

The production is good and lends itself towards the content of the valentines themed songs. There is a Hip Hop base with some sounds from more traditional songs that come together to allow the softer content to shine through. Maybe a few more energetic songs would make a more complete project, but for an EP, this is a good project.

The lyricism is above average but is not quite as complex as it could be. This may be because the songs are message driven more than made for bars but they are still effective. If there was some more complicated lyricism, it may be more accessible to more listeners, but what is in this project is still better than what a lot of rappers are putting out these days.

The features are all good and help improve the level of chemistry on this project. Each put in some good effort and do well with their own lyricism. Maybe some more features that are outside of Vado’s comfort zone would create a more re-listenable effort but this is still an enjoyable listen.

Overall, this is a good effort for valentines day but does not have a lot of replay value as it is so focused on its theme. This can be viewed as a good or bad thing but if your in the mood for rap love, this is where you want to be.

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