Chief Keef – Sorry For The Weight Review

This is an alright project if you already like Keef but he doesn’t bring anything new to the table. This project that is full of generic content as well as skits that is essentially just Chief Keef trying to justify himself about his music and lifestyle.

The production is all basic and generic, with nothing to really grab your attention. Trap beats litter this project, but not the polished and enjoyable kind. This production is full of dirty bass that reverberates the whole room, but without the rest of the components to make it enjoyable.

The lyricism is alright, and possible slightly above average, but is so unenjoyable due to delivery and content that it may as well not be there. The lyrical techniques used are not creative or new and instead they just seem to be more colourful ways of saying the same things over and over through all the tracks.

The features do add a little to the mixtape, but at twenty long songs, they fall through the cracks and become very forgettable. Each does put in a good effort and can make the songs they are on more enjoyable, but they are few and far between. This does not show that Keef can put together a good project as far as the tram is concerned.

Overall, this is not a great project as far as aspects of Hip Hop is concerned. There is nothing ground breaking about this project and Keef puts everyone through mediocre tracks. He has a lot to work on if he plans on releasing anything to get into the mainstreams view.

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