Joey Fatts – Ill Street Blues Review

This mixtape from Joey Fatts is a self produced work of art that fits the title perfectly. The content is about the down sides of street life and Joey does this with a refreshing burst of calm energy.

The production is all tendered towards the theme and all ties together well. Each has it’s own individual atmosphere and it’s own little skits to give each track some context and extra emotional feel. High energy songs would have made a more complete project but would not fit in with the message the project is trying to send.

The lyricism is good and helps paint vivid images of the scenes Joey is describing. While it may not be the most complex and complicated word schemes, but the descriptions provided will make you feel like your there. If your in the mood for the saddened songs of this project, Joey will provide a way to make you feel like your part of the song.

The features do well to add to Joey’s narrative without detracting from his performance. Each help to grow the atmosphere on each track by adding to what Joey is saying and embellishing it with their own stories. A great addition to this project.

Overall, if you are in a sombre mood, this mixtape is what you are looking for. Joey Fatts has created a created a project to help you get into that mood or to make you feel like your not alone in whatever your going through.

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