Rocko – Expect The Unexpected Review

This is a good showing for Rocko lyrically and puts him in a strong position moving forward. This project really showcases his ability to put a song together and to really go hard over the beat. However he may need to look into some new ground when it comes to content.

The production is great and sounds very polished upon listening to it. The very modern sounds and the level of scope that the beats bring is phenominal. There is a lot you can do with the instrumentals on these and Rocko does a very good job of exploiting that fact. On such a short project, it could be said that Rocko explores some sides of this equation more than others but it is still an enjoyable listen through.

The lyricism is excellent on this project and should be applauded. While it is contained to some fairly basic content, the way Rocko flows through each track helps to create a sense that he is moving forward with his rap career. The next step is to apply his compex lyricism to more complex subject matter.

The features put in some good verses and help contribute to an enjoyable listen. There are a good amount of guests on this mixtape, not too many so as to take from Rocko’s performance, and they are spread out so as to extend the entertainment value of this mixtape. Some possible experimentation with some features from further outside Rocko’s comfort zone would extend it even further, but the way this project is put together, Rocko has done a good job.

Overall, this is a great job from Rocko to make a project that shows his lyrical skill. His ability to put a song together is also showcased on this mixtapr and Rocko should be commended on such a strong effort.

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