Hoodie Allen – People Keep Talking Review

This is a good album for listeners who enjoy a more kicked back approach to Hip Hop with some higher energy tracks thrown in to the mix. There is a lot of emotion in this project but it is not overbearing and trying to force you into feeling any certain way.

The production is excellent and works well with Hoodie Allen’s style of rap. It is all smooth and finely crafted while also utilising some interesting sounds and noises to great effect. It is possible some more beats with higher tempos and more of a club vibe could help make this slightly more appealing to a wider audiance but there is no doubt to the effectiveness of this set of beat selections.

The lyricism is good and helps to make this the project it is. While not of it is made to be really hard hitting, it is all clever and weaved well into the rhyme schemes that make you think as you enjoy them.  Some more lyrics that come across as more aggressive could help show Hoodie Allen as a more rounded rapper, but he does well what what he has produced here.

The features are great and help bring a new dimension to the album. Each brings good effort and great verses to thier tracks which really helps show the chemistry that Hoodie Allen can have with others in the industry. Some more features who are further out of the field than those used could have made a couple more interesting moments but there are no let downs on the guests end.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable album which is suitable for almost all listeners. It stays a healthy distance from the generic content and starts to make headway into newer, less explored areas. Hoodie Allen should have a long and prosperous career in Hip Hop but it could depend on how long he can keep exploring those areas.

Ludacris – Ludaversal Review

This is a great project from Ludacris who seems to be following the same lines as his 1.21 Gigawatts mixtape. The messages and energy levels are great and keep flowing through the whole project.

The production is smooth and polished, making each song easier to listen to. They are beats that Luda has proved time and time again that he can use effectively and he continues to do so. Usually, more diversity is good but there is enough variation in this production to keep it very enjoyable.

The lyricism is obviously fantastic as Ludacris never disappoints with his verses. The wordplay comes across with a lot of passion with a lot of emotion packed in to give it some extra kick. There is no bar left without some lyrical technique involved and it makes this a great album to listen to.

The features put in good verses and help bring another dimension to the album. Each may have different qualities to Luda but that helps strengthen the project further. Some features that were a bit more unexpected may have made some slightly more interesting tracks but there is not anything wrong with what has been produced here.

Overall, this is a great album to listen to, although it will probably not get the recognition it deserves from any award communities. A great project from Luda and a great project for the Hip Hop world.

T-Pain – The Iron Way Review

This is a very enjoyable listen and while the use of autotune is frowned upon by portions of the Hip Hop community, T-Pain uses this opportunity to show that he is the best at using it and can use it well. There is a lot of energy in these songs and it is mostly down to autotune.

The production is excellent and combined with the autotune delivery makes for some very energetic, club ready tracks. There are a lot of interesting noises and sounds used to create beats that are rarer than others and stand out much re from the crowd. While it would be out of his nature, some more slowed down beats may help T-Pain make more of a connection to the listener.

The lyricism is better than expected. T-Pain includes a lot of different rap techniques through out the mixtape and it really shows that he is moving forward still in his career. It is clearer when he isn’t using autotune but it is all peppered through the entire project and helps build up the experiance.

The features are also excellent and all contribute to this being a good mixtape. All the guests put in good effort and channel thier passion for music into thier contributions. Some features a bit further out of his comfort zone may make a couple of interesting moments but this selection make great listening.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable listen and there is a song on there for everyone. T-Pain makes some great songs and should be commended on his efforts.

Que – The Sixth Man Review

This is a good project from Que but does still have its downsides. The street level tracks he puts out are great but that seems to be almost all he grinds out.

The production is great for the formula that Que has to make songs, but does not give him much scope to expand on his repertoire. The beats are dark and leave a lot of space for Que to manouvre with his raps. However there is not a great deal of diversity and if Que made a commercial album, he would need to have more songs to cater to a wider audiance.

The lyricism is not complex and comes across as average, but his higher than averag delivery help make them more entertaining. His wordplay is fairly basic with a few tries at making a few bars of a higher level. If he wants to get higher on the Hip Hop ladder, he will need to work on improving his lyricism.

The feature does a good job bringing a level of diversity to the project but does not put in a good verse. While Young Dolph does put some effort into what he writes, it is so plain and generic that it is not enjoyable. He needs to try and move forward instead of stagnating.

Overall, this is an enjoyable listen and can be good background music. However it lacks luster and needed to be morse versatile to attract more people to listen to it. Que has started off well but needs to carry that momentum forward.

Action Bronson – Mr Wonderful Review

This is a refreshing listen as Bronson brings his blend of wit and lyricism with some great backing beats to breath some life into a one way Hip Hop world. Bronson attempts to use his skills to show the world that Hip Hop has more than one option for the future.

The production is excellent and the minimal use of unusual noises helps the beats be a bit smoother. Each track has its own feeling and atmosphere even if the sounds used are very similar. Most of the songs are fairly subdued in backing, allowing Bronson to have more freedom for his rapping, but some more high energy elements may have helped to give the album more replay-ability.

The lyricism is fantastic and is the top point of this album. Bronson flexes his lyrical biceps and weaves imaginative tapestries that are full of description. He uses a very full range of techniques to enhance his wordplay and make an entertaining set of songs that do t have a lot to criticise in the lyrics department.

The features aren’t great as they tend to blend a lot into the background without standing out but they put in good efforts that can be enjoyed if the listener tries hard enough. If they were a bit more eclectic and did something a bit different, the album may have had a touch more diversity.

Overall, this album is very entertaining if your a fan of lyricism. However, if your looking for big party tunes, you may not find them on here. 

Earl Sweatshirt – I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside: An Album By Earl Sweatshirt Review

This album is certainly different from others available at the moment but that may not necessarily be a good thing. The backing is much more relaxed and calm with the lyricism relying on the words and not so much on delivery and this all comes together to make an interesting listen.

The production is very laid back and provides a good base for Earl to showcase his skills. The use of instruments and sounds helps create beats that are more individual than others and make each track more enticing. The main issue is that there is not a lot of energy in each beat and it can feel like the music is not connecting to the listener. However the lyrics help bring it back as enjoyable.

The lyricism is not complex but it is powerful due to the involved nature of most of the tracks. The way the words are put together and the emotional weight they carry help make the lyrics hit harder with the listener. The delivery can come across as flat as Earl does not have a lot of variation in his performance but the words themselves are strong.

The features are good but can be difficult to distinguish from Earl. This detracts from their efforts on each song and doesn’t really show the guests in the best light. If they had been a bit more assertive then they may have stood out a bit more on thier tracks.

Overall, the album is enjoyable to listen to but not for the conventional reasons other albums recently have been enjoyed. The calmer nature of the tracks may not be for everyone but the people who do enjoy them, will enjoy them a lot.

Future and DJ Esco – 56 nights Review

This is more of the same from Future and while the production is different, he comes across as disappointing. The backing is a little more eclectic but at the volume this music is being produced these days it needs something a little more to make every track stand out from the rest.

The production is good and has more of a signiture feel to it than other production. There is a high energy level throughout this project that helps make this more enjoyable to listen to. However each track is not totally differentiated from one another. This can be offset by the skits in the end of the tracks 

The lyricism is not great with only a few attempts at higher than poor lyrics. Future relies on his delivery to make entertaining songs. The main problem with this is that his delivery can come across as very flat and his heavy use of autotune makes songs that seem the same from his own point of view. 

Overall, this has some enjoyable moments due to the high amount of energy in the tracks, but it is also a sign that future is not attempting to move forward in his rap career. He does not appear to be changing anything at all.

Trust Gang – The Trust Tape 2 Review

This is a step up from thier first project and was a very polished result. All the rappers have stepped thier game up and the production is a lot smoother.

The production is moving in the right direction for the group and helps to show that this group knows how to move forward in thier careers. The way the tracks flow together and yet dont blend together is a great feat in itself. Each song has its own feel and atmosphere that helps to show what Trust Gang are capable of. Some more high energy, club beats could help show a little more diversity, however what they have going here is still good.

The lyricism is definately improved as shown by some accapella tracks. The wordplay has become more complex while still making sense to most listeners and the rap techniques are thoroughly ingrained through almost every bar of the mixtape. There aren’t a lot of problems with the lyrics in this project and every member should be commended on thier efforts.

The features are good on this but they do not quite live up to the Trust Gang members performances. They put in good effort but their verses are simply not as enjoyable as the main artists. If they had tried to make themselves stand out more, than this could have improved the tracks they are on.

Overall, this project is a statement that Trust Gang are heading forward in the rap game and know how to make songs that people will want to listen to. If they make some radio ready tracks, then they could really start gaining some traction.

Nike Air Foamposite One Shoe Review

This is a relatively comfortable shoe that has become a staple of lifestyle footwear. Its unique aesthetic and its connection to basketball via Penny Hardaway has created a shoe that is known around the world and is going to stay that way.

The upper is a one piece hyperposite construction that is the focal point of this piece. The lines carved in it help the shoe hold onto the foot while providing another visually pleasing feature. However, it can be hard to bend at first when running around and while this eases up a bit over time, it does not become that flexible. This could be a hinderance in todays game.

The inside has a neo-prene sock sleeve for added comfort and it helps to give the shoe more wearability by forming to the foot to wear around. It can get fairly warm inside due to the liner but it is a small price to pay to make the shoe easier to wear. The tabs at the top help make the shoe easy to get on and off as well.

The outsole is great and has a good deal of traction while also being very noticable when seen. With Penny having his signiture icon on both the backtab and outsole, there is little doubt that this shoe helped him gain the fame he has aquired over his career.

Overall, this is an iconic shoe that has good reason to be loved by people all across the world. The uniqueness of the shoe combined with its legendary status in basketball mean that collectors, afficienados and the casual wearer all covet this shoe and they have every reason to.

Muzi – Muzi Mnisi The L.P. Review

This would be an enjoyable listen except for the skits that pepper the mixtape and detract from the actual songs. While they help add context and some cohesion to the project, the constant pausing can make the songs flow slightly less and be a slight inconveniance.

The production is excellent and really helps to make the tracks seem more polished and ready for listening. The way each song is crafted shows that Muzi has a good ear for beats and can select great ones to work with. Some more tracks with higher tempos and party atmospheres would create a better view of what Muzi is capable of but he does a good job selecting good beats.

The lyricism is alright but the singing ability is the real here. The vocal range is great and Muzi does well to harness that and turn it into a great tool for this mixtape. Using this to make a wider variety of tracks would show an even greater talent but what he does on these songs is still extraordinary.

Overall, these songs can be enjoyed if you can sit through the skits and Muzi shows his talents in a great light. Some more variation in song choice and tempo may have changed the outcome here, but a good effort is still concieved from Muzi.