D-Pryde – Plan A Review

This is an enjoyable listen through and a depper delve into Pryde’s emotions than previous. It has everything a good project needs but not necesserily in the right balance. With some small tweeks, Pryde could have a long and illustrious career in rap music.

The production is good but not the a huge part of this mixtape. That is partly the point so as to demonstrate how good D-Pryde is on the mic but it may have been better with some stronger beats to go over. However you can’t doubt the selection for this project as each beat has a great atmosphere while fitting perfectly with the message of each track. This leads to a good listening experiance and a good set of choices for D-Pryde.

The lyricism is good and full of passion to help D-Pryde give a great performance on this mixtape. The wordplay may not be overly complex but he is rapping about things close to him and you can hear that when he speaks on any track. His ability to rap with the level of conviction and being able to take what he knows and put it into rhyme has made a great project.

The features are good on this mixtape as well as they all show that D-Pryde has the ability to reach out and get guests that bring out the best in him. Each of the features do good work with thier verses and help make the tracks they are on more enjoyable.

Overall, this is a fantastic listen and does very well to be emotionally connecting as well as entertaining to listen to. D-Pryde should be very happy with how this mixtape has come out and should be considered one of the most highly acclaimed mixtapes of twenty fifteen so far.

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