DJ Yoda – Breakfast Of Champions Review

This is certainly an interesting listen with the combination of UK emcees and the live band. Together they help to create a cohesive listen that is a strong showing of how the UK Hip Hop scene has grown into a strong pool of talent.

The production is excellent and the use of live instruments is very noticeable. The fact that it is using live instruments instead of created on machine makes a much more organic feel on this project. There are no dull moments and there are no obvious flaws in how the tracks are put together, especially when it comes to production.

The lyricism is good, but there are moments when the rappers seem to lack delivery and sometimes passion. While the wordplay is excellent and should be entertaining to all listeners, if it is not given out in a way that is also enjoyable it can fall somewhat flat. However if your a fan of clever lyricism, this is a good choice to listen to.

The features are really excellent and all put in some good effort, even if some lack luster getting thier words across. Every single guest has a good verse lyrically and helps to make a cohesive project by all having a high level of rap skill.

Overall, this is a great album to listen all the way through. All the songs are differentiated and there is no point that sounds uninteresting. DJ Yoda should be proud of the album he has put together here and continue to work in this vein ot continue to have great success.

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