Cambatta – Smoke And Mirrors 2: The Crack Baby Review

This is an interesting project because Cambatta shows he is a very accomplished lyricist but the overall feel of this project can be uncomfortable. He touches on a lot of emotional topics and while there are some grittier moments, most of this may not be designed for clubbing purposes.

The production is a focal point of this project but not necesserily for the right reasons. On a lot of the tracks, it does not really add anything to the overall feel of the track unless Cambatta wanted them to sound out of place and unfortunately placed. Some more solid production with some stronger beats may have helped this be a better mixtape.

The lyricism is excellent and Cambatta is fantastic when it comes to putting together the rhymes and schemes. He can clearly write rap music and each of his songs is peppered with wordplay. His beat selection may need some work as a backdrop to his fantastic rhyme skills but his actual rapping is strong.

The features do well to keep up with Cambatta’s rap prowess while keeping thier individuality. Each tries hard to have thier level of wordplay as high as Cambatta and do a good job improving the tracks they are on with some diversity.

Overall, this is a good effort from a lyrical perspective but the selection on the production front is simply a let down. Cambatta should be congratulated on his lyrical prowess but his ability to put tracks together may need a sceond look.

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