Rome Fortune and CeeJ – Lolou Review

This is a very mellow project with a lot of quiet energy that makes this a very interesting listen. This is not filled with your regular emerging artists content and helps carve a lane of its own.

The production is excellent as it is not outrageous and overbearing but it is also not too timid. It rises in the right places and the chemistry all works together very well to make an interesting back drop for the rapping. Maybe some more energetic tracks would show a more complete ability to put a mixtape together but there is no denying that the beats on this are effective.

The lyricism is good but there is still room for improvement. While there are some great moments and there are no real slouch moments, there are moments where the level of rap technique drops and while it still is not bad, it shows that they are not consistently at the high quality they can be. If they were to raise the level of consistency, this may have improved the mixtape somewhat.

The features are also excellent and help to raise the enjoyment level of this mixtape. Each puts in a good effort and thier verses show that they work well with other artists. Some features more outside of the normal rappers could have created some more interesting tracks but these work well with the idea behind the project.

Overall, this is a good listen and a good project for Rome Fortune and CeeJ. If they continue to make mixtapes like this, they are bound to get a lot more attention and notice from the Hip Hop community.

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