Muzi – Muzi Mnisi The L.P. Review

This would be an enjoyable listen except for the skits that pepper the mixtape and detract from the actual songs. While they help add context and some cohesion to the project, the constant pausing can make the songs flow slightly less and be a slight inconveniance.

The production is excellent and really helps to make the tracks seem more polished and ready for listening. The way each song is crafted shows that Muzi has a good ear for beats and can select great ones to work with. Some more tracks with higher tempos and party atmospheres would create a better view of what Muzi is capable of but he does a good job selecting good beats.

The lyricism is alright but the singing ability is the real here. The vocal range is great and Muzi does well to harness that and turn it into a great tool for this mixtape. Using this to make a wider variety of tracks would show an even greater talent but what he does on these songs is still extraordinary.

Overall, these songs can be enjoyed if you can sit through the skits and Muzi shows his talents in a great light. Some more variation in song choice and tempo may have changed the outcome here, but a good effort is still concieved from Muzi.

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