Trust Gang – The Trust Tape 2 Review

This is a step up from thier first project and was a very polished result. All the rappers have stepped thier game up and the production is a lot smoother.

The production is moving in the right direction for the group and helps to show that this group knows how to move forward in thier careers. The way the tracks flow together and yet dont blend together is a great feat in itself. Each song has its own feel and atmosphere that helps to show what Trust Gang are capable of. Some more high energy, club beats could help show a little more diversity, however what they have going here is still good.

The lyricism is definately improved as shown by some accapella tracks. The wordplay has become more complex while still making sense to most listeners and the rap techniques are thoroughly ingrained through almost every bar of the mixtape. There aren’t a lot of problems with the lyrics in this project and every member should be commended on thier efforts.

The features are good on this but they do not quite live up to the Trust Gang members performances. They put in good effort but their verses are simply not as enjoyable as the main artists. If they had tried to make themselves stand out more, than this could have improved the tracks they are on.

Overall, this project is a statement that Trust Gang are heading forward in the rap game and know how to make songs that people will want to listen to. If they make some radio ready tracks, then they could really start gaining some traction.

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