Future and DJ Esco – 56 nights Review

This is more of the same from Future and while the production is different, he comes across as disappointing. The backing is a little more eclectic but at the volume this music is being produced these days it needs something a little more to make every track stand out from the rest.

The production is good and has more of a signiture feel to it than other production. There is a high energy level throughout this project that helps make this more enjoyable to listen to. However each track is not totally differentiated from one another. This can be offset by the skits in the end of the tracks 

The lyricism is not great with only a few attempts at higher than poor lyrics. Future relies on his delivery to make entertaining songs. The main problem with this is that his delivery can come across as very flat and his heavy use of autotune makes songs that seem the same from his own point of view. 

Overall, this has some enjoyable moments due to the high amount of energy in the tracks, but it is also a sign that future is not attempting to move forward in his rap career. He does not appear to be changing anything at all.

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