Oddisee – The Good Fight Review

This project is exactly the fluid, retro and uplifting album that listeners have been looking for. It has all the elements of a great album and comes together well for a great listening experiance.

The production is excellent with its laid back and yet somehow energetic beats that work well with Oddisee’s style. The backings are smooth and cohesive with each other and the messages of each track. Some more variation in tone could more of a project for everyone, but there is no doubt how enjoyable this album is.

The lyricism is excellent and Oddisee’s flow continues to be a huge asset to the Hip Hop community. The rapid fire lyrics combined with the complexity of the wordplay lead to fantasticly entertaining tracks. A few simpler ones for the more mainstream audiance could boost sales, but as the last track says, Oddisee’s shouldn’t dumb down his lyrics for anyone.

The features are great and have great chemistry with Oddisee. They all bring great effort and passion to the tracks they are on. More features with bigger names could bring Oddisee more fame, but he has enough fans to have rap as a career so he must be doing something right with connections.

Overall, this is an excellent listen through and a very entertaining album. Oddisee should be proud of how this album has come together and should continue with the work ethic that created it.

Insane Clown Posse – The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost) Review

This album is the group name personified. It is full of dark tones and crazy rhymes that can be enjoyed if you are not of the faint of heart.

The production is dark and almost soul crushing. There are a lot of lower pitch noises and crunching sounds that help bring the atmosphere down to the level of the tracks. All the beats are similar but distinctive. Some beats that have a somewhat cheerier background could show a more complete project but would not fit in with the groups style.

The lyrics may not be complex but slide into the beats wonderfully. The aggression and almost depression of the lyrics fit with the backing beats and create the gruesome images that they are portraying. Some tracks with brighter messages could show they have skills that apply to more types of tracks, but this album requires the dark side for its theme.

Overall, this is a great showing from Insane Clown Posse with thier signature style and topic of song, but is not for the light hearted and cheery. They keep it aggressive and graphic while being enjoyable still.

Burgundy Blood – Suede Comet Review

This is an album filled with haunting sounds and dark lyrics. Burgundy Blood lives up to his name with this horrorcore Hip Hop album that is something different that takes the ears by surprise.

The production is full of sounds and noises that create an atmosphere that draws you in and feels like it is crushing you while you enjoy it. Each track does a great job of utilising exactly what the song needs to keep its haunting feeling while Burgundy Blood raps over it. Some more tracks with a more uplifting feeling may show that Burgundy Blood can be effective over all types of beats but that may not be in keeping with his style.

The lyricism is average but fits in well with what each track is saying. Burgundy Blood use metaphors very well and a few other lyrical devices but can not use a majority to really show his lyrical superiority. Filling his raps with more versatile rap techniques would make a better album.

The features are all good and put in some good efforts, but with some being used on several tracks, they can lose some of thier wow factor and become somewhat repetitive. If Burgundy Blood used some more varied features, it could create some more interesting tracks.

Overall, this is an album designed to be somber and a little scary. If that is what your in the mood for, then this is the album for you. Burgundy Blood could be an up and comer to watch if your a fan of the scarier side of Hip Hop.

Raekwon – Fly International Luxurious Arts Review

This album has a good balance of most elements that make Hip Hop the defining genre it is today, but it lacks a certain shine that would attract newer listeners. Raekwon does very well to keep his rap qualities that he has had for over twenty years now and keep them as sharp as they were at the start.

The production is excellent and shows a real mixture of Hip Hop eras combined into one album. The range is great and the variety in noises, sounds and patterns used almost shows Raekwon lasting the ages. There are not many problems with the beats, they simply may not be to everyone’s taste.

The lyricism is fantastic and Raekwon showcases why he has lasted so long in the rap game. He uses a lot of lyrical techniques to embellish his work and pad out his imagery with an extra dimension. He may want to be a touch louder on the tracks to stand out more, but no one can really criticise this rapper.

The features are good and show that Raekwon can work well with a variety of rappers with a variety of styles. Each puts in some good effort and helps to make each track more cohesive. Some features with less of a connection to rap and Hip Hop may have made some more interesting tracks but these are still interesting.

Overall, this is an enjoyable album with a real mixture of tracks for any mood. Raekwon has been in the rap game a long time and his solo work, as well as his group work, has only improved.

Yelawolf – Love Story Review

Yelawolf really opens up personally on this album and it creates a great and cohesive listen through. He may have opened up a touch too much for some who would want to see a more aggressive delivery, but this project may well change their minds if they listen to it the whole way through.

The production is fantastic and fits perfectly with the message Yelawolf is sending on each track. Country music is clearly a big influence in this as a lot of sounds from that genre are used throughout the album. It could be argued that some beats with more traditional Hip Hop sounds would please more Rap listeners but the way the beats here work together is a great feat in itself.

The lyricism is good and helps lend itself towards the imagery that shapes this album. Yelawolf keeps his razor sharp lyrical tongue while crafting the rhymes for this project that weave powerful and emotion filled tapestries. Some might still want that lyrical ability used to create aggression but the way Yelawolf puts this together is fantastic.

The choice to only have one feature, and for that feature to be Eminem, is a good choice as it helps to explain the loose narrative that runs through the album. Eminem is on his track because he puts in a passionate performance to rival Yelawolf and shows that he and Yelawolf have great chemistry and have both been through struggles.

Overall, this is a fantastic yet somber album that is extremely cohesive and a great feat for Yelawolf. His combination of lyricism and emotions while being able to put it in a story telling environment is almost unmatched and this should be a celebrated effort.

Young Thug – Barter 6 Review

This project is an enjoyable listen but can become stale as the content seems to stay within a small zone. There is no attempt at improving what Thug brings to the table and his crooning can sometimes get in the way of his actual raps.

The production is good if you like slower beats in comparison to what a lot of lyricists are using recently. They are also very smooth and laid back in general, with some stranger and more experimental tracks spaced out in the play through. Maybe some more tracks that could have more of a radio friendly theme would help promote Young Thug to those less involved in Hip Hop culture but the beats on this are well chosen for Thug’s style.

The lyrics are alright and Thug’s signature delivery help to increase how enjoyable they are, but they are not overly lyrical. While they are average and Thug is certainly no slouch, a more lyrical acrobatic approach could bring in a larger audiance.

The features do a great job of adding some more diversity to this album. Each of them bring in good effort and verses that seem to add competition to the tracks they are on. Young Thug may want to try some more features that are more known to the general public to increase his profile, but the features on here all try hard at the very least.

Overall, this is a enjoyable listen, although it may take some acclimatising, and Young Thug does a good job on the tracks. The main problem is his history with a particular Hip Hop Icon and his choice of title. These may not sit well with the Hip Hop community at large.

AD – Blue: 89 Review

This is a project deeply entwined in West Coast Hip Hop with many influences of the Hip Hop zone showing through, but with enough of AD doing his own thing to make it his own. However his variation in his delivery can upset the enjoyment of some songs.

The production is excellent and reflects AD’s origins and track message very well. The beats all have their own feel and the way the project is structured gives a great balance of aggression and softer stuff. Possibly some more beats from further afield may have shown AD can work with different types of producer but what he has selected for this project is really fantastic.

The lyricism is good and helps carry the project. AD does a good job to make his lyrics a bit more complex than street level, but it is not elite level by far. However, the way his wordplay flows and his varied delivery help make each track more interesting. Maybe some more complicated schemes and other rap devices could improve these songs, but with his signature style being what it is, it may not improve them by a huge amount.

The features are also good and help to show that AD can work well with a certain group of rappers, that group being from where he is from. Each writes a good verse and adds a bit of extra flavour to each track, however seem to be very much in the same lane as AD. Some features that show AD can also work with people from a different coast could have shown more of a balance, but these features are very entertaining.

Overall, this is an enjoyable listen and a great effort by AD. He does very well to keep his individuality while making tracks it is easy to bump to and should start looking to move forward with his rap career by making more projects like this.

Travis Porter – 3 Live Krew Review

This project is a very one track re-imagined into fifteen remakes. All the songs come across as single dimensional and it does not make for a lot of replay ability, with fifteen songs about women and what Travis does/will do to them does not make for stretched enjoyable listening.

The production is alright but can seem repetitive due to the lack of substantial content. The beats are not encapsulating but can be good for one listen if you need a bit of a pick me up. More beats that try to explore more messages in Hip Hop would improve this project by making it more rounded to the audiance.

The lyricism is alright but is too focused on one topic to be really impressive. While Travis does a good job of managing to write enough rhymes about that particular topic but it does not have a lot of lyrical acrobatics or much that is complex but it can be mildly entertaining on the first listen.

The features are also enjoyable the first time, but it can be stale as they are simply saying the same things as Travis. Each puts in some good effort that helps create some more creative verses but it is difficult to connect with. Possibly, some features from further a field than Hip Hop could make some more interesting songs, especially since these are repetitive.

Overall, this project shows that Travis Porter can make songs about women but he needs to expand his range and utilise his words more effectively. He has shown he can make a track for one audiance in Hip Hop but needs to be able to talk to more listeners.

Young Buck – 10 Bullets Review

This is more of the same Buck listeners have been getting recently, with his reunion with G-Unit creating more cohesive works. While this does make more interesting tracks recently, Buck appears to be stagnating and needs to push on to fresher grounds to keep more of the public eye on him.

The production is good but comes across as knock offs of other production. There is a lot of producers out there with signature sounds and the beats on this simply come across as someone trying to impersonate others style. Buck may need to find some beats that are out of his comfort zone to make some more interesting tracks.

The lyricism is alright but Buck uses his delivery and unique vocal tone to make his performance even better. While his actual wordplay is average to good, the way he channels his passion and aggression into his bars boosts how they come across to the listener. Some more complex and frequent rap techniques would be the only way to improve the lyricism.

Overall, this is an enjoyable and entertaining listen and, while it may not have a lot of replay ability, has some great tracks on there. Buck is on a tear recently and should continue this work ethic to become an even greater force in Hip Hop.

Astroid Boys – CF10 Review

This is a good, cohesive album from Astroid Boys that will help show that the UK has some great MCs. Asteroid Boys have some good beat selection and use thier lyrical skills to great effect to make some interesting tracks.

The production is grimy and works well with the flow of the rappers. Some tracks are easier to listen to than others as the sounds used can be jarring and don’t flow smoothly through each song. Maybe some more beats that are a bit smoother would help to create an easier listen through but these tracks are all enjoyable.

The lyricism is excellent and while it may not be considered elite, it is still pretty good. The wordplay is great and is a fantastic tool in the imagery of the album. A couple of tracks with some more experimentation with the delivery and flow may make some more interesting moments, however there is no denying that the lyrics on this project are excellent.

Overall, this is a great album for Astroid Boys and a great album for UK Emcees. While this is a short project at less than thirty minutes, it is still full of everything that makes a great Hip Hop project.