Wale – The Album About Nothing Review

This album does not have a great finish to it like other albums released in recent times but it does still have a lot of great qualities. Wale seems to be trying to imitate Drake or J. Cole in his delivery while trying to keep his individuality intact.

The production is good but can sometimes feel like it is missing something. A lot of the tracks have a lot of good, strong moments that really help to make this a project to listen to, but they tend to lack flair and relying on Wale and his rapping to bring it all together. While that can work some of the time, it should not be relied on for one element to bring every track together.

The lyricism is good but not great. In recent times, the level of lyricism in the rap game has increased and Wale may need to increase his level higher to help himself stand out more from the rest of the pack. However what he delivers on this project is still enjoyable and fun to listen to.

The features do a great job helping to bring a higher level of diversity to this otherwise single track project. Each of them puts in good effort to bring the level of entertainment on the song they are on to a higher level. Some features that weren’t so generic or almost expected may have made some more interesting moments.

Overall, this is a nice project that does not have the flair to be an elite album in todays game. A lot of elements on this album are good but do not rise to the level of greatness that Wale needs to keep his high ranking position.

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